Sunday 28 January 2024

we laughed

 what shall i call her?

to Bee cont

she is the end


as we wandered ... 

" ohh look... i write poems about how every walker i now see must have fancy showoff kit....   and their smell!! to me no chemicals in my life 90% i pass i smell from 10 m away  its horrid it makes me wanna spew....the perfumes the aftershaves its . its just.. bizarre.... . well its just London here ...but i have a photoshoot over several years but especially here... hahh hahh look heres one.. an expensive little soecial bag thing.. of course in   Natural Syore expensive camoflage print  carry a cup on your belt... where everyone else can see how urban gorrilla protected you are... what fuckin parhetic sick children.. i walk 50 km midsummer no water, in britain never needed body 'hydrated' quite enough ten cups strong black coffee from dawn, so i can survive THEM.......or maybe a jar of insect repelant mid winter.....   here.. dropped... probably when busy on their phone i see them come down even here the Loe place low signal... must be lookin into their screens... all the time here.... probably looking up how to be a green    goddess for Fakebook  or how polluted is Loe Bar sea...didnt notice she dropped her plastic 15 quid gear... and someone else put it up 

here... on display

virtue signalling their niceness... 


nicely placed so the next gale 

ittoo .. will find its way into 

 that sea

so the Bees one day munch it and weave it


into her 15 quid jar of 



... you really GET it too hun..i like you."  smiley smiley