Sunday 28 January 2024

i get my

 'stork' errs... 

i shall not add


I noticed her swiftly  coming up my rear  on the paths yesteraft... once again

poor woman no friends i notice despite 750 grand house

And i shall not even begin to think what on earth does " online stalk" mean some silly billy accusing someone of thistoo on even 

Something understood

this morn at dawn 

how can one "stalk" that which folk neurotically desperately NEED to publicly lie they

 Be.. ?

and post  to only Be ....seen...

beats me

I know full well for years the fascist  militarists who kidnapped my lass 2010,  all monitored anything i wrote online ... all million words of splendid stream of consciousness quite good, occasionally arrested 'blog' ... [ admired by a woman,  mother, intelectual professor of film,  i k ew ..she told me so] ..looking for ways to dam... and really hurt

and i am quite  sure they did.. hurt my lass with

 out of context " look what 'ee rit"

just like others before

so surely they chief stalky walky ...  and for actual harm...  a real person ignores... everything online always ( unless a story is woven im giving trust..

 we can only trust story...   i aint stupid, why i weave in real story with real wisdom )

 but i do know what a deranged stalky one is,  too

i had one at my last hill...  5 or so years ago she got tobher bonkers peak

likely London woman ...

quite ill and dangerous... ( obvious real clues)  one day she  decided to break our several year truce

to respect each others  hillside honourable wish to be aside ...  

after our first chat

and she popped out from behind the bracken ... she would await me

... running

my way

" run" haahh hahh 

... of course had some incident taken place i would have got the


even with the protection and photos

someone would try and 'lose'

i aint stupid though

no one would ever find my backup...  until i wish them to.