Wednesday 31 January 2024

what DANCE? ethical real 'dance' for human rights


went ALL the way

its in the can

may take all day

But .. it is time to 'publish'  all...

best ever 'simple life' vids and bits and bobs... i keep true to one conflicted dichotomous, paradoxical  part of the plot - ok i shall assume she is a hologram... as thats what they all want to Be leave.. then they never have to DO anything... 'take part'


if i forget

100% is the actual key to not only staying slim...  but also protection against Altz and dementia -  this endless "do a crossword, JOIN A CHOIR " so some fat conductor can control you and you can pretend to Be 'community' ...  

when in fact the best way to exercise the head so it keeps working is to just be slightly on the edge of the figurative cliff... societally...having to figure plan a Be and see... if they turn on you

IT expands the mental universe the quay to a sharper mind for far longer .. but the true zen is complying with the horrorscopes  distrust of me...and no more active causes, yet still just Be ing... authentic -  of course they dont like...  so even that is a living on the edge which is simply the best way to keep the mind REALLY growing and re 'connecting' all the time

or to quote the drug addicted Town Crier of Hay who worked in the privatised BUPA starvation centre for old peeps...

  (my interview gosh over 10 years ago)

" so tell me....[ i forget his name he is so forgettable a shabby fraud and dagerous pro drugs influence for the kids]  the oldies who survive the longest what do they say is the quay to it all ?... centredness..peace.... dancing classes..?."

" ...  nope.... they say you gotta keep givin it to the man ...til the bitter end....! those ones also have by far the best glints on their eyes and best straight backbones.." 


that reminds me the OK series on at the mo

Hyslop  freespeech via old jokes ...on parody  ... so beautifully explains "its a DANCE.." a necessary dance "sending up" cant and vanity or really badboy nasty  Hague deserving inhumanity

THAT a "dance" .. even in the times of Chaucer...