Sunday 7 January 2024

' work' means..

 ...time for some interviews, i have so mamy in the can over 8 years.

Sometimes 2 or 3 a day

But i wonder if the yesterlunchtime one  wasnt the best of all.

I think it is a true work of subversive performance art...

( i so wish the latent grasshopper would let go ...she can have them all, in fact do it herself ..  i know she wants to)

Except we have to start at the beginning , simple pognant telling truth  behind the ever smiley, masks is not subversive ...even if 99.9% react as if it is

( maybe not the blusher we shall see)

it is in fact what civilisation has been based upon for rather a long time....

never mind 'happiness'  in that i lnow the ONLY thing ever made me only ever always totally happpy ...

.....was lookin after a nipper ...alone... for 10 years.. from off-the-tit time

earlier 'civilisations' would have it man cannot posdibly even do that!!