Friday 12 January 2024

You see...


(aroo) only

That i heard before the Schism

And have a chronicle of all of it she

Missus Grouch would stab her mate,  Voltaire,  in the back to get hold of  .... and is only PLEASURE for me to ponderate

Purest pleasure

cos that what truth is even if its simply a truth of nothing 

("....ever comes out of a British born one should you ever believe.." to the lost man at dawn today)

Ever said is real...

Ever ... is based on any real understanding or education

Because as was on 4chan wireless once good, as she arrived 92.. i remember well  sat one day parked up at BAyswater tube ... waiting Katrinas next gameplay -the most beautiful game of all "my my we are rather dumbing down..."

The last true words ever said in this toxic lapdog land... where i sit and watch they take out their toxicity on their poor status dogs.... barkin at them before they even get out the boot....