Tuesday 27 February 2024

ahhh.. the link it cometh

 ... even if

as i meander around the atches

And figure .. " if i drive up that hill to Tesco, fuel a penny

a lit


does it keep it simple

for her..

( bet one of those Nazi fuckers shot err grand'  in the 'ed kept is job too... i go to bave the puncturefjxed and the trolly jax lined up always make me think of mine.... only " human" in mine fam.. his bourgeois  strung up silent ..wifey blesser  may as well av shot 'im too.....)

and amortise its way into paying for the extra fuel up the hill...

and free spatks

For all thine pondering 

this' woke' has it reached peak pointiness yet...?

Well be clear who started it...... my little cave next to Booth, Dick... big theif ..his shop.... who stole £400 thou in grant cash ... mid 90s... bragging of how it was to digitise Hay-on-Wye ... training the youth, thats what the grant app said.... so they could get digi just a bit better than the caveman training at Coleg Powys ..

when in fact his babe,Mrs B...

to make her look so Mermy woke perfect, bought up on that grant cash left over from doing up Booth towers and large posh gardens, just abput every Red Indian book in the world, so as to attract the Highgate Merms to her lair, where they woulf if course be Bowdlerised of the less easy real life anthtopology

( Uttermost Ends, Btidges describing some of the lesz pleasant behaviours of the ' indegenous' people he lived with for decades  and were his only friends even when...

context here,  but you have to go back a million words, ' first contact' with an alien: " before you say ANYthing.. Britain should be in The Hague way way way before us poor Serbs! .." 

" i dont need to say anything  except, i love you already for sharing/ knowing, and so fabulously passionately MEANING  that truth.....  so when you've finished bbqing babyblegs for supper from thevlatest recipe on serbocooking.com ... oh you have a sense of humour, too.. thats all i need to know..i never met anyone like you ever and..... even if Eckhart wouldnt get it... dot dot dot"

There is only one RRAL Sioux

the rest are fakes

As are the Merms who bought all the locals' damp badly built houses in Presteigne... 

only cos they couldn't afford the real thing, near the  Castle in..Hay

... the ultimate in cheap seats, next best thing, 25km up The Road ( Cormac's) .....

poor Presteigne, basically a  shabby little Kosovo, down the road from my Muvvaland of homoerotic marchin songs ..  and not that good arthouse movirs well i still dont know cos  i cant understand it... maybe its even better than Lyndsays ' If' ...

Imagine the trouble there may have been in that Sarajevan suburb if they had listened to some propper Sioux musac. .

Mr and Mama Booth pretending a ptetend culture to pretend people....  whom

migrating from Amstead and Muzzie ill...

created a theme park greater than evena Grayling tutorial....

( who had never heard of Thomas Bernhard ...  the only greatest honourable nestbeshmutzer extant, in a land where nestbeschmutzing is only an honourable  way to tweet)

...and won