Tuesday 27 February 2024

Well, i am 'organic' ( maybe have an organic viral top)

 Unlike the Maggie-Merms of... Presteigne ( NOT ' welsh' a word i dont recognise allong with Pastyite, in fact wonderful atch woman

 this atch...off now cant catch


 she liked that " i dont recognise any sutch words, i could have closer DNA to the abbo DIRECTOR.... than you to me .." . who did even better bigjob than Roeg and his Walkabout..  ) 

who really really were the case study  ... they ptetended they were above Fakebook shates and lusting after 2,900 ' friends' with their ' death cafe'  festivals.. of sick middle aged women bossing folk about how to die, inside, in MAY!! for fakebook shares . ... all the same lust for being ' liked' in a dopey mean ....

minded  ... way [ i on good form dopamine likes bum bum amazing for someone still half dead...but then YOU know what powers me still...if you read grom the start.....so yes organic spreading your   Eckhart doin yoga ( C Douglas   Ed Reardon as he should always Be...my only regular writing hero now Mike Walker has been cloned to rubbish underwriters... sundayaft  4chan afterplay must read me the way he is so rude about yoga babes... near genius!!...)

... i so rately spread my links... not me

i dont do any Soc med... too much fun actually trying how to rightly undermine the whole tower of Babe. hell ( babel boom boom) it is.. especially if one has of late been trying to sell, for free, my surname to poor accidentally ..compliciteres.. of the Suzi song

As an act of "well youre a cute skinny one... " 

i have given this website  in person to maybe 10 peeps in a year..

it isnt even listed on simonclayton2020.com which had many readers 

i dont cheat

you are my organs and if your spleen vents, so Be it..

but someone seems to have spread me around..  not me ..

i was planning to try launch a begging bowl new year ( shock and awe hit all crowdfund sites in one big fraudulent sniper movement  ground invasion concurrently 'need money to rit a bit better' ) but i hate to ask anyone for anything and am clearly worthless 

so says higher than ever readersip  i had no idea only nozed in thinking should i Be bothered to  go and work a day on the bowl...

no one goes tp any old Fakebook of mine...ever

no one  tweets no one instas i really cannot ever be bothered evwn to open that

but i can tell you are 'real' reader/ scanners... not botts.. or internet auto spamsniffing  devices ... (you can tell)

and even, unfortunately, mainly English .. as it ebbs and flows with the weather... and night / day... here.

i only need a bit to spend 3 months just tidying up  whats here... add in bit more vid from summergone and december... loads of phitos

loads of vid from pre schism ...  evil sewermen of Clun etc etc...all in my mental todo list still...

and then so many audios its daft.

that tell 5 different stories,  at least 3  are slightly historically significant gor historians of the future if there is one   

One a gorgeous  fully scripted and casted look inside THE Mermaid's den... ( all prior November 2022)

and just who they really are... even the Merm Queen was shocked  at how they behaved...when their healedzenshmaman  stall had to be cancelled at MQs failed fest and she owed them pitch deposit.. 

its funny...

but the tragic truth Mr Douglas couldnt make up ..

i was there...