Thursday 22 February 2024


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All posts after (i.e.above this will be filling in bits of life until this time, 'NOW'...all thought there's a lot of old stuff - which could be very recent, to tons of great interviews soon)

(under construction)

THIS (last) POST WILL BE BUILT UP 22 to 23 Feb 2024

Even if every important bit remains in head....

pt 2 

The sack of Rome
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the infamous assault of an army of the Holy Roman Emperor on the city of Rome in 1527

BUT the much better cliffwalk Eureka's of late to be loaded today


0700 today waffle

Podcasts, Eric Weinstein, and real 'crisis'

( duff working title, really it is about only one intellectual woman i trust .. )


but this is no dry " critique"

just the first day of useful work, to do.... no not a 
' cause' at last, time to say it all.... all

THE teatime 22feb