Friday 23 February 2024

bad poems

 from last summer, still to do

And then, Simple Life the movie, worthwhile, too.

Even if megga edit, all i need. 

And 'Mermaids" a renaming: 

nope so silly

It will not chime where land is hilly. 

Be ing... it -  the incoming pestilence, was always that same old "bird"

Fifteen years back, lead Hog, of her new herd.

On tweet today i smiled when heard.

loadsa bits of film to be reorganised, some still to do.
And photos resized, touched up
just for

Now i am ...gone

Left behind The Maggies, one and 


And anyway

Great, new start, day.

The yesteraft bed babe, leaves me smiling, in

 real woman, 

superpower, energy.