Thursday 8 February 2024

but the best

 on a roadtrip never to Be


the wonderful Italian woman...  only good thing about Padtylandshire loads of foreign

 " birds" 

when not Be ing ripped off  10 Euros for a bit of pastry  and mechanically recoveted offal..

On the prom

 maybe august gone

" so.. i trust you...

 only foreign " birds" 

( not including impossible Nonnies so she eas defo magically unreal..a mirage.. a halucination) 

" Beppe.. six years from blocked to... defacto PM.... all the silly men here, and their internet version of your EU...  manstuck reading nonsense ...rather than Be ing there then maybe knowing.... so the EU states and  fine manyparty ....democracy .. i mean in the beloved's Serbian one they got more parties than voters ... look me in the eye...

 tell me...

simply in one word

 Beppe ... on balance over time,   present day bonkers fascists-lites aside,

did he do,  even if just a little bit,

more good

or bad?

all' politics' is

load of work 

for just a little bit

of   in that case good jokes, then shesaid, 


by dint of good jokes 

as foundation

to all ...sad The Greens think they  ... nope errata they cannot think

hence the stink