Thursday 8 February 2024


 ... so many ' notes to self'

a week ago ? gosh time flies when the angels are bizarrely on side

( but my co worker  ..i believe her  as she kindof found out too, and certainly wasnt people pleasing charming me..  i could tell by her eyes

" we cannot

 know the 'deal',  nor  understamd why...and woman/man even more important a fundanental force in the universe than your first born.... and you.

they never help  with even 

hidden clues

 as to how to get

to two

nope thats for only us  to DO.."

i have many notepads


requires 'leaning in' to all of nature

condensation too

just accept it dont manly fight 

drip drip sometimrs at night

not on my notepads every one


protected, by the plastics

some plastics 20 years old, protected


( In Our Time today, i trust them :  "even plastics in the embodied body too... " 

no Tom Paul would ever bother bothering to... .. but i knew that long ago...


( though update i have a youtube vid and post saying ' never vote ljbdem' sad but true..i even called Hurds in July... many suposedly equal people chats in 2 years.... " lucy..   i have a few birds here that SAY brighteyed  to my face....they want to do your scheme here each one i have briefed....fully great timewaste..... but theyre all liars ... cheats, people pleasers...  however if you found me a sw libdem councillor  to also put a name to it i may Be possible they will change their changed minds after telling me to face they wanna Be committed to  lead i had suggested...and anyway obviously good for your party too SW water never out if the heaflines here..."  

" will do Simon.. give me a day or so...i will call you back..."

for about the 5th time in a year...  lying libdems... 

so you have no alternative oher than to kick the fuck out of Labour and make them a maybe just a BIT better ' alternative' .. spesh now theyve cancelled their flagship policy... 28 bil to save her river ... 


oops this is  cont off something above

... cont

and that merely  an experiment: may just a few( british born)  have meant what they ..said

some with such brightest eyes 

and bodylanguage to boot

but thats the last 6th June one

a far more interesting useful  - for society ' road trip'   that of John

( Petra's one... dont tell !! Vix ... you and i that superwoman in common) 

and co

the way they.... its in a post called 'free movie.'. the one needs to Be made

thats no B movie

better than Loaches real life Cathy one 

did " dm me for change"   for real

real people here and ' now' 

John and tribe 

' petting' their wonderful "human" man..into a life of only benefits and Be ing.. their happy 


may Be a week ago.

but... road trips

i do one better

when you still Be .. lieve

best shipshspe mind ever in my life

this one started

6 June 2023

maybe 8am

Foulmouth quay

the first if so so many.. each one i told a bit of the 'story' 

though all told the destination,  and why

bit by bit

the first ... ad if some wonky weirdo ferkin clmputer simulation the great onrs i never see again, 

so many times i have wanted to 


( though she needed no explanation)

Mrs Helford river cruises

" ... look ehh...maddest cruise and love crusade ever dreamed up.... the easterly i see blocked

your way in

up her river

absolutely no idea where i start

recognise this by any chance...

let me tell you why...

[ the first real truth teller bornn bred] 

and why you just may

 months away .. 

still see me trampin the shore idea ...

oh well i shall just pick some random spot....

but thanks for your true to-the-traveller 

kind  funny  helpful sincerity... 

i do hope everyone else i may meet down here as realwoman as you .... fun  no bullshit, know love is shit,but all that makes us "human" ...your bloke a lucky 'n

... so you remember her, name and.. why... i told you...all...." 

now that is a bad start to a road trip that wont be rit.. unless someone one day wished

even if my my the next one... ultra bimbo dolly bird  hairdye harmony hairsprayed  queen  with platinum fave  of all,  we are still  friends  ... Imo... booth by bogs not safe due streams of druggies.. endlessly meanderin' ... but she protects me every time i wander by with her sincere smile..." so... have you made the raft yet i told you to..!!!!! ." 

nope cannot tell that either

or someone would think ive overdosed on a dodgy batch of  magical realism... 


i do know why when i saw the Mossy book... butterlies headed off 

snippets of story 

are their body

the mindandbody as one 

stories sent out to maybe save a mad world even her shitcreek if the local butterflies can settle down and tell theirs too... all the way.

( ok never before even if ... god what a curious breed of " bird" had even me fooled thinking their beaks  ' honet et droit ' to quote Serge the fagingob.... ..  best books i ever read... had me in tears at the Gooseyshoppingmal  just before crimbo... of extremely expensive useless stuff.... there are no plugs in here ... or at any rate not mine. )

but a real NONNY is one ( not like the above blue collar blue hair dye good salt of earth working class) who should be due class accent and confidence, and obvious liking of men...

actual queen of all the hotyogas rippin em off royally...   herding them right into her superyacht funding operation... ( via scammy ' life coaching ' cults... ' so dp brilliantly culty buy in for years they can Be...[ no! not she thats the point i know she never could! she has " morals" even if it gave her extra lovely lines of pain upon her face ... just to say the word... so so london in the 90s passe [ acute no battery spare]... nerds help  with... real now...] i have to say bbc have done quite well of late documentarying just how nasty thesee ' giz 10 grand now or emotionally blackmale else' you may hear late at night from rattycreek...  )

i bet a big fat one at least one is based there... as was superyacht funding  pyramid   scam

 'investment' fund  50 mil pyramid  operation  ... in Hay-on-wye..  rumbled a few years back....probably just behind the  most worthy looking sweet mermaid  bookshop he could find... scammers arent stupid!