Saturday 24 February 2024

But even a


cannot buy my soul, but she ultra bolstered it

Of course i aint stupid the one word they all bumfuck you with as an aunty christ; hes a Lewis Caroll stuck the looking glass up his own backside,so lets give it a twist



Dozing off post Aunty Mon, with Gray ... hes really not a happy man...moaning under my old felt rugpillow...

"Gahndi was a  child sitting on dick...." 

" drones just... did come to Be   "

the whole  nuclear  deterrant, impasse, maybe nutcase Putin's parting gift to humanity...

add in drones and the 


add in as they always will:  holocaust,  the big one

( dont add in as they are all too thick to keep it simple, as Rachel Kushner  genius, brings in the real modern schism...  ok any old Jew couldnt run for the woods, but the young ones, always could... as [ he is worth a copy paste 

ulike the self pirying Gob of Mate]

Jerzy Kosiński

... Painted " Bird",

 a true bible to the silliness of war and the fact a young Jew can just ok dodging a few loose bullets just nown again... he foubd interesting and wrote do beatifuly of just how it was..

you dont have to stick around the genocideres and their bonkers  bullshit

Get a banana boat, as she did.... move on

The great gulag book -  i have it somewhere, 1960s ish-  told the story of half a dozen at Siberian Air b'nb.. walking on.... off... run! .. over 3000  half a metre deep real snow, km,  ...even over the Himalayas... no fancy ' survival' clothes just gulag cast offs... 

eating snake pie [ sic] for tea

many people have a choice to just slip away... genocideres are always townspeeps at the start...always...

walk on....

more or less slip off into the swamps...  or bushes

but the truth is they do NOT

That said things sort of have changed a bit... the one 'technology'  that does change

a lot

 bloody heat seeking night vision 


at least goggles work.. tell a truth:  "human" there !!

Rachel has her heroine.. may Be





dead ( may Be)

whereas  .. mine... hers:





None of which could ever Be true.

Because 'now' means only

what next,



at least i learned that from, truly  great mum 


what do we really learn,  from the one with two 'a's...? 

She was a girl,  when we need real women telling the actual truths...

And i know one thing for sure, i know no 50something-   mature one, here  this loony land, who even knows what hers is any more ..