Saturday 24 February 2024

But Michel....

 got it wrong

And for 2 decades The Guardian gets EVERYthing... wrong


Is quite simply magnificent, NOT Miss oh Jenny go and do the cooking, you found in Wales 2020..

He simply cannot  fall for his mother' her moaning deathbed

And honourably retreats...

I see no mysogeny in that,  being more evolved than her... the usjal 60s or 70s, 

bandwagon load of  nouvea fakes...

A d attempting to write some TRUTH in his kindof beautiful book..

Jesus the loser, even he,  worked out if you love humanity  or at least have the job of tollerating it....challenge it to Be.. a better version, of herself, and ok it may get nasty... 

constructive criticism while reconstructing a rotten hull is 


Anyway... i think rit large in Michel's apparent story...

He seemingly falling to bits for a long while at least

booze  n  sour hermitude only him and his tv

is in his own hand, 15 ish years ago

Nope... dont blurt the truth, as it hurts the blurtee..too

And i am sorry but Michel ' licensing' us to think constructively about our mumtoo...

in his perfect book.

Too hard for the awful Guardian 

well that helps human evolution.

But it didnt help him seemingly....find centredness and smiley peace

(and then we have a whole industry from mid 90s of ' Houllebecqian mizzOh Jenny' )

So maybe  a better Montaignian,  Way to Live... is live first, prove you can Be as happy and peaceful as can

Be... despite the buggers..or bastards and their  grindstoned... 

lost sheepiness ( she is, so sadly)

Live first

prove to yourself and the world ( many know i havent a splinter of angst in me...  32 year old very smart babes dont loiter 2 hrs kms from any rescue... dark.. wild... tbunderbilts lungin' at her finest head ... with a tramp on a cliff ..if hes even slightly suspect..)

you are utterly u affected

except by a sadnesz she djdnt understabd its not ' narcissistic' to Be " bulletrpoof"  in fact is shortcut language for, of course i cry just nownagain but Most of The Time ... 99% ... energy magnifjque..

But me and the new Barbs .. she got it 

" their CURENCY... became their hurt illnesses and fuckin n word trauma...frpm a sexy Gab id...... and years ago i Be came so so bored with every single false moaning word... which does not HELP them..... there is ONLY and you'nme babe.. we are innit... no fuckin idea why... [and...are alive.. their currency a dead old one and we need a lady Jezus to go around turnin over their  farmersmarket currency tables...she IS]  " 

perfect Buddhist like excuse for me doing nothing:

it wasnt the kairos yet, to write propper all my splurges... 

now i met whom,  it would be for... never mind no one can say i'm all wonky... 'cept prob a sadly stuck... quay dweller as thats all they can do... displace their own inabity to not let go and Be new,  all the way...


acting your age,

 not dancin' shoesize. .

Now i feel bulletproof... utterly life is perfect...miracle

thats what meeting a truly magnifi-cat... does for you.

So the future, as well as being hers .. 

I now have a



All the way