Friday 2 February 2024

catch up...

 if you can.

( the rest of mywords today you fry your breakfast sausages; in the time it takes them

to begin


sizzzle...  dont think of the 2 or 3  Palestinian 2 or 3 year olds  also  brought to internal sizzling point...

or you may not  smugly enjoy them  quite as much

some even sizzled to burstin

by ammo brokered by pleasant smiley Brits with boats around London-on-Sea


fastjet flattened 


 'feminine'  ( my) Peeps of The Book, jet pilots .. trained at Scampton Leeming or wherever else we profit

  maybe even...  2 km from her place... ear ear)


My material ( startin near a year ago, here..) is timeless.

You have all the time innit

If there is a world left...



 now only for "saying what i mean" 

Even if still a conundrum: does poetry make one jot of difference? Even world record, worst... ( though not as bad as Kate Tempest, at least i mean my  'identity' ... and preface all " i would not have one second of my tramplike, oppressed,  familiarly  bumfucked life any different..." cos its true. And there is no money in that... except the  one second i texted yesteraft just in case ... it may get through, and... dint....only for her'n sake...ohh well i heard her heron  squakin over her creek one August morn.. at dawn )

So,  moving time... well sort of.. not to any new home as there are no quiet minds left, i knew

years ago 

And also know,  as i am not daft, several decades i have mooched among the far far  fewer peopled lands - second highest ( world record coldest, and most unmodernised)  farm on Hay Bluff for 7 years...  then  very Western Horrorfordshire ... Herrock hill,  my pathways, along Offas Dyke, the road far less travelled by the neon clad in the central sectiond ....  it makes me different..  centred and at peace, no matter what,  and able to look ' in' objectively  at the rest...arent i the lucky one... but if the rest all had came to share  in the same few people places, then... they would just trash it ( as Annie so wisely said !!. down in the NT trashed lagoon Tuesdayaft..... you will call that Miss Anne Thrope...i call it the only real conundrum all my life.. as one wishes to meet just ONE who has the same 

hard earned sanity... cos livin in redneck bigot lands ( all rural places are)  is tough... lonely... they spread their  petrol head bigotman spatter all throughout... especially all over the very few Annies i knew, from '95 ish... spattered to a wrinkled bitter old age...or worse..) 

So i give up

But never give in figuring useful words to say, and boring myself to feath even with ( they all call him 'world biggest brain')

And if you don't sleep quite as well as you should... tune in to 

( i dont want his smugugly face here so a lettry  link will have to do)

i can never stay 'awake' listening to Mr 'Awake'  more than about 20 minutes, trying to do my homework.. as lastereve

 essentially world chief genocideriste, because if you cannot oreface all with ( official uk figures recently) .." those rag'eds .. eell with alcohol deaths escalating innexorably, number one cause if death in uk under 50s..

never mind the untold trauma and psychological harm... caused to "bird"  'Katarina', the only one i care matter what she may hiss. and countless millions more ... do at least most Muzzies are rather dafer than the average aryan whitetrash, especially the middle class, who pretend alcohol is great for...  living... but we have the little far far   LESS lethal ( statistically) matter 


of jihaaaaad...  ists

he would have you believe is genetically programmed into  bein' an Allah freak...

( from day 2 of October 7th itis) 

which is so intellectually paucitous,  its daft,  in that the history of "ooomans " is they have movements, groups, that get a bit stabby, in olden times ...( i am quite sure the 'religious doctrine around Henry 8ths teatime  table... i mean he chop his exs   heads off  when he had had is fattie fill, so i am sure others took his lead as ' heaven sent' as kings generally were considered, then... 

.....or  dangerously backstabby if modern British; and over time things always settle down and folk generally  move on QUICKLY nowadays from actual regular physical death and the like... Plenty of non Muzzie religions in India have...  plenty of genocidal Buddhists learned their lesson it dont go down too well...

So basically Harris implies with his truly worst ever rhetoric you'll be suckered by, that  Pallies, due a very small minority of nutjobs, are innately  born with a  dynamite vest around them....

so YOU wont adopt one, as you have... well for a bit at least.... with far far more dodgy Ukrainians ( ask a REAL Ukrainian, when the media isnt confecting,  as i have... if they can spell 'peace' .. they Miss Type 'entitlement' , poor lambs....) 

nope Pallies are so so strap a stick o dynamite to their 1 year olds and send it over for a hug...  no one will say as Nutty Yahoo did day 2  .. behind the worlds back  ( rit of here 6 ish weeks back) .. " Egypt we...will pay billions for their resettlement  just anything get the fuck out of here.."  which means USA and a bit if uk said " Benny boy we will all chip on eventually... just dont tell on us" 

quite rightly ( as i wrote on day 2 here.. Harris points out the simply ginormous per person ' aid' cash whoring... that always corrupts everyone the fuckee especially duhhh we knew that 50 years ago...

But Pallies are peeps and their particular sky fairy thing...  peeps generally grow out of the wirst excesses...

But Harris seems unable to say so ... i find ultra Teletubbie...... and millions listen to him... especially the [ not very] smart set...

Ohh i wish there was one sane woman  left ( society will ONLY listen to babes after dogy Wayne doin'  that other poor  Sarah... )  who would like to parrot really quite good simple analyses based on a lifetime of being born serious  and living and loving too the 'grown up' women of the world....   and having a fucking good mind that hates all the others as they are do hatecriminally ... lost... so i apply mine to it all i have done 30 years.... since i sat with Katrina watching her people being  splatted in Sarajevo...... and started really to care...espesh as we wrre joined by the mong, right brain Croat, leftie Serb or whichever fancyman Mcgilchrist thinks will save the world even if PARTLY right..... but stories save it more... we loved that mong as her hemispheres were at deathly war... sure makes you grow up quick..ok takes a few years to grow out of the tragedy but.... ( but i need a laugh now, i gave up... but its as if everyone here especially since their awful 2020 is fearful of a REAL laugh....)