Thursday 1 February 2024

champion Sarah Champion MP for PM

 post to be still edited

ohh yes... politicians.

. see the free movie one, also ....  . thats your real country ... your real issue  if you care about "humans"..and  money, too.

 being theres none left

but this in this post conyains a unique thought for you far easier    even the thick 'red wall' wont argue.. if it were done well. simply.

Ref youtube first 3 vids here. ( the longer ones), and audio speach notes below ( rather subversive)

I am 'safe' i don't need her as ally  to " watch each others' back"

Jonathan Pie i am sure he wonders if the establishment will one day do they may to those they really fear as wise footstampers, but this material below i know is 100% safe for me to share - safe  for one minding my back.... because Pie made you all so stupid, no one will even 'get' it.. as being real " change" that would.... work.  

Probably not  even the vengeful establishment...

this adds to a few  posts the last few days refering to this,  after her finest words on peace  on radio 4 Any Questions a few weeks ago.

But there's...more

( and some other bits to add in here such as a militaristc  man interview   who admits we have not enough soldiers in our whole army to defend a small town! so why ask for trouble... make more people the obvious target for revenge terrorism in years to come. Other countries  with small armies keep their traps shut, and knees off of the American shirttails, too.

start at bottom vid 

videos wrong way round

split as i dont have enough power to video edit

PLUS special gree offer more REAL simple life stories and reallife tips ( espesh if you live around manchild boatees..)

in space condensation ( i think its this one, an absurd ego mania man obsession, real men avcept it and live ..)

plus simpler speach and notes
the ONLY way you keep NHS free for my
 lass's generation.
if there is any other,  i eat all my charity shop (or found in gutters and reloved)  hats 

mp3 version

m4a version ( same words)


or jobshare  PM... 
i was first to write about jobshare  in Parliament in 2010.
Elficks EDM years on...

i have been grooming-training 2 footstampy  no nonsense women, several years in my  common sense thinking,  whom....
should, too... as they well know know... at least help. 
And know some REAL useful allies.

 May.. Be 
even a stroppy Serb
i put forth as 
minster for Vudu 
and EU
or the 'art of relating', at least to EU thought.....

As she sure cant relate to simpler oldschool thought here  on a simple subject...

The former brief  ( role) - boss of vudu, especially as she alone stated " there are many charlatans,  of course!! world"

to come

military expert on ... no boots left to be on any ground
UK weirdest narcissistic coward in the world, threatens  war for 4chan and tge telly.. when they ain't even got the troops or amo... so it cannot even  happen if anyone eats their gauntlet

and if Pilger has his 'grasshopper' maybe its Mr O..

( who just cannot simplify, as i  did in  gonzoish essays  many years ago:   " journos suck up to money the M.I.C.... [ and hated Corby] as they must reserve the right to have the 5 quid cappucino in the Oriel Sloaane sq..  if not now, then one day.. for many days of the rest of their life, in anyone threatens their London flat price, i.e. their pension ,  is always going to make their blood boil...  and they'll make up blood on whichever hands dont feed em...and largely ignore that on those that...may

( both childten....OJ  peabrained genocidere complicit:   love Pallies then   accept defeat, surrender and walk away... 2 mil  pushin at a fence ( WITH EGYPT)  it wont last long.... )

Jonathan Pie channel, 100s of thou views an episode, the most  vapid immature popular ones around 4 or 5 years back... all the 'smart' people i used to know swore by him..