Thursday 1 February 2024

the Champion speach in the can.

Went better than expected.

Is quite quite unique, i know as i have been listening out 7 years for just one line of it... you can sell it to someone else but do NOT spend the dosh om hairdye, as yours is is perfect. .

If the  daily piles of hatefilled dogturd mail have been sorted through by your adsistant, whom all public figures, for 100 years,  employ in just that role,  seemingly except for Lisa Nandy,  and the became-rather-good-in-time Lady Di Abbo.. who forgot shetoo had an assistant to filter the not quite so nice doggy stuff , and thought a better example to the youth would be the endless superb  acting....

... her moans and hurt, jabbed by ...  poison pens filling up her [ errata assistant's .. job,  picking through the imbox,- probably she loves all the fun stuff ...  "best job in world, true endless comedy! .... Di sniggers too at the best ones, we also frame..." as she fills in her mates at the winebar on her day at work,  after teatime.....Dawkins would xmas read out his hatecrime mail on youtube giggling...  only really top intellectual thing he ever did]

 So if your eyes  ..( not your assistants, only a REAL  "warrior" woman strong enough to preach stop the dynamite  scrappin, with concomitant  great mind ...will get it)

..... have peeked here

later ...i aint paying my 1.50 in data upload for the 6gb ...

 when i fly off  out of the glorious sunshine, afterdusk... via some free wifi .. it will be here.

I guarantee

.. and guaranter it is good,  too. Better than my  solo 2005 writing on folklore... even ' natural law'.. to the highest court in this loonyland.. that actually got an " unchangeable" law


purely by convincing  rhetoric... simple  of the people type words,  any wo/man on the streetcorner would nod " fair dinkum" 

For you, what next better

even if the " people" may not like it at first.. but it would be very anti people to think they may not actually be able to think " ehhhh... maybe she has a point... and...[ really unsaid, but the ONLY way..if you care about them... to be said first by me, only for you ... later...]