Tuesday 27 February 2024


 text that is real

ONLY two jobs i have done last 2 years of female family therapy... exhausting ... no reward... massive waste of time and failure ( now they think their smartphones have the answer) ...  50+ hrs each. really massive ' to fix your daddy's house yes youll need fixing first so you can sanely in a well esteemed way deal with nutjob dad, first" .... brown semi Middle Eastern c.f. hairytage

The dads are just children...  muzzie ill...

real context

so many typos to go back and  cleanse

never mind the spelling,  i am so ascetic... and loyally ' simple'.. i strip out yankee uncreative playwithwords, spell checker 

never mind various missing links meaning bridge videos between one and other already up...

it will Be done...one day

i am kindof fullish time.... but in an extremely balanced way

shame, thus far.