Tuesday 27 February 2024


 ...now i am off...North, West

( i did interview the 

coastguards,  a few months back, on a truly dangerous anything could happen day at Porthleven pier.. actually on guard ensuring no menchilds went plasticing..... the lead coastguard boss a fine woman more adequate to the task of jumping in to the 6 cm swell and lifesaving she assured than any mere pathetic male teammate..... shame no women loitering around looking for ways of telling tales on their slightly wonky lady neighbour,  a few months earlier,  vould help me salvage 10 tonnes of good reusable wood a 7  day 12 hr a day job....at the Maggie Merm ' nicegreen community' ...)

she was most bright eyed in the sharing: 

" no we dont get that many jumpers round here... 

they go to the really big cliffs along the NW coast...make sure the job gets done propper, no half measures, up there.. !".

oops i forgot my point, ehhh....