Wednesday 7 February 2024

dear reader ( utilitarian mefia fir real one day..helpin real peeps)

 ... right its IMPOSSIBLE to write nicely always hurrying to get in before batteries give up

And anyway the reason tghre is NO good writing in UK.. except her Tightrope

Is you have to have momentum outdoors... a few weeks wandering..  moving.... mefitively meanderinh the pathways..... all the silly bints of the 'tribes' you forget... as irrelevent and the nicer more useful stories bob about.. resurface

useful even.

Eg i have from a decade ago a truly utilitarian series of recordings ..over 5 or 6 years...

Yannis and i....

Us talking... laughing .. ok me often problems talking, my mouth full.....him often having to stop... " simon you cant say that... about my customers..  stop . .i cant keep my hand firm.... and now . ...i am pissin my pants" 

me and

My Greek Dentist

anyone with dentalphobia i am quite sure will enjoy..and maybe be gebuinely helped by

[ sic i dont lie.. looking forward to every next visit ..and episode... what was it 'serial' the first silly true crime pod .. i know i could beat it]

oh yes the latest serial killers   or would be.. quite a good fileon4 last night how she in parricular inspired by HORROR..movies    

monkey see, do.. 

" Yan... you are so  good as you know if they want to deport you post Nige... i will even do a homo one with you, for passports  ..if we need and i cannot find you a wife ive been trying all over.... your lassie here witness to me loving you,  anyway.. a fine real man and such a lovely hipster beard  .. and my pledge..  she heard it!!  and i was on my kmee!!  i say what i mean .. [ especially as we must retain best dentist ever and no mermaid from Gwerk will ever do anything  practical to keep em..except 'manifest' hers we hear 9 years later.]. . as long as no pricks ever are involved... talking of pricks... i told the neurotic ultra dentalphobe  housemate  last week...please  please try yannis....  he alone can save you from gumrot [ we hear now.. yesterday.. main reason kids are hospitalised in 3rd world uk] ...he is so gentle.. the only real man i know ... last time i was there he stuck it in... gave it the little squirt... and gently pulled it out without me even feeling a thing..never knew he'd even stuck his little  needle one in me..."

" simon    ... just STOP..  if my boss hears this  screaming.. with laughter... i'll get the sac.." 

real.. no lies here...

and then it got far far funnier

always me in a 'vulnerable' position

hands in gob

"yan... that crappy last filling... i have photos... straight out of here to the lawyers matey.... unless  you do a lot better this time ... " abd nany more

but theres a sting.... 

this was Hay after all ...  ( will take months to find them all and get to the...end)

i could make a fortune and truly help folk.    with... as his assistants even found it impossible not to laugh at us jousting to the death ...   two real men.. one with all the power of my only with what his lot invented..

rhetoric   ... humour... gentle irony 

and he didnt  ( and no one better fuckin block as i have the photos  in COOP " yan...  youve just given me a lecture ... that 6 pack of full sugar coke ... ehh... is that for the kids party youre off to later..... ehh we kind of knew  before you were born here.....what causes your job to be needed... ehhh maybe not matey... god almighty " )

but i just want time to get back to nice thoughtful writing ... like the letter started it 15 months ago...