Wednesday 7 February 2024

 " show me your workplace pee test results before you stick that in my gob.... any sane parent knew Hay-on-Wye coke and Ketamine capitol of Powys and the Marches years ago.. from about 2007ish..... and its well known dentists worst junkies  of the lot, and youre Hay dentist  for gods sake man... talk about risk factors off the scale and if you give me a free descaling i wont mention the filling that fell out ... .....  but im not havin you get high and even higher into my rot  ... unless i can at least  see theres no powders up that greco roman one of yours...... turn your spotlight around... now..."

nope the real tapes are far better ...   with sound effects...of real drills and real   dribbles...not from my mouth

stoic will have a new dictionary entry,  if they ever get put up... cos piously grinnin and bearin so dull... and doesnt work.

i never knew...until i met .. a beautiful man

even if he let the side down rather some years on... but you can't take the Hay out of the boy i guess... once the rot really sets in