Saturday 24 February 2024

Definate proof the Goddesses, dervishes,

 Maggie Merms, Shamanic voodoos...

Were angry. Very. " i am an angry old thing" it says on the church walls, some... They knew...

Nineteen ninety two.

To think.

There's me  utterly had enough forever of the London butterfly brained and 

( she even knew about sunglasses give you cancer!! by interfering with natural melanin make-you-darkie systems ..and she even said " the light the systems use to bodily mediate,  comes in through your eyes.."  i never met anyone who knows that ..ever.. never...)

.. by then they had started to all walk around looking into their horrid little phone text devices.. 

" i am off... this place you arrange to meet someone for a drink in nice pub Portobello or Snotty Hill even...  you always get a 3 word text .. the night of the meet... after you have travelled half an hour TO the meet.. ' plans changed' ... inhuman butterflyitis... [became in 2023  ...i see in London-on-sea,  so much worse ... they never even have the manners to even recall a  smilily proposed rendez vous...]"

And then as i am packing, first the gay chinaman my mate, him off to Taiwan forever..... storing his stuff ..  planning  to find a rural old shed for both our STUFF.... it must Be protected..and reused...even if in his case 5 cases of wonky homo books.... and i was aghast

at even even a homo grope THEY all would sexcrime do... and sweet Arthur so small!.. the best ones - intelectual homo books. .. as he was Oxford double first.  blahh blahh... 

nope dont judge, save his homo filth for someone else who may need it one daytoo... never mind the planet gave of herself the raw materials.  

And .. i so impossibly randomly met  his Oxford first,  friend Katrina.. on the run, literally... Hague convention runaway

... stick her finger upper... comventions are for others


( as i told her lastereve.. THE ... there is only one cure for ' compulsions' ... "no not Gabor's ' t word' self obsession... " .. giving ones self to a' higher" but dont involve sky faeries... CAUSE..or purpose... some mutual benefit such as being so absurdly in love with the cause of her 3 simply perfect Be ings.. younguns..  even if they grabbed my whole BODY and soul ..first.. and ..

ma wouldnt even ever in 2 years alow a grab of her bum... only posh French kissing.. on the cheek... but the PURPOSE... was their life... only their lifes...  fixing the window locks so they wont jump out...  10 metres drop...fixing their this that and even making them a massive kids only loft playroom...

" i stopped... thinking...about....MY ...self...!!!.. and was cured"

And found happiness and peace  at last... truest balance

All past compulsions .. some marginally quite bad .... just dissolved away.. 

no need for Gabor ferkin, slightly conman, ...Mate [ "hes so CUTE .."  i cant be bothered to find the e accute]

Anyway... that year


what a year


" the  cure or remedy is NEVER  ever ever from a menu... it is the last conceivable  direction you may take at the crossroads... and all of wellness mindfulness and therapy  and fat women on feminine retreats, is as a result ..frankly pretty evil as they only preach' menu'  ..'mine.. is better than hers... '.... when purpose-   but it must not be fun or really benefit onesself...much ..  even if that one saved my life... twas mutual.... she needed someone she could look down on a bit... her pet..her willing in love with her and all of them pet..... her pet childminder and housework builder and DOer... .  who wouldnt judge all her Oxford mates as sure as ferrits are ferrits..would.....

why we never saw them.....

just her..and me"  

So in the  same year... the only interesting person, my agegroup,  i have ever met...  does a jig  jumping off the banana boat.. .. from Slobbo's nutjob  nonsense...

what a year

But also...

In the same year....

A star.. is a place even she stated she had to leave, rather backwards.( " 2020 reverted to the most awful sexist mysogeny .. ' ehh crisis luv.. ill go out and take the motor for a run and see if tve Apocolypse has come...[ via a layby,  pornhub in the eye] better do the housework now men gotta go put and deal with this catastrophe") the last place in the world .. as i have all my life known, one would find the greatest communicator,  by far ...

i have met ... 

A truly sincere ... purpose... finest mind... even if it may take time to ...

theres a good word, 'manifesto'...

One great thing about Wales, not too up themselves - like the English DNA be above written plots.. which one may write up the formula of the witches brew 

I will help. As it is pure white and good for the gut and all the biome, too.. you can see

on just a face.

So... only because i dont think really i would ever trust anyone here to be  sort of scribe... sort of trustee... of the stories and ideas... 

And anyway the world needs to know her ( 92 vitage) journey...

And i need a left hand babe on board as just ... interested party merely for her benefit ... as she knows

My stories ARE for her benefit... somehow just nudge ...

And all i know... is in the best windswept atch...

several hours just her and I.....  I underplayed in fact;  nope she must write or audio record or even splurge to camera...

the '  work' they all do... need to or trendily follow through ..others ideas

I know for a fact..

cos she knew.. i sussed her.. strengths and even weaknesses, and got them right

But she didnt see it

Even if she heard it...

And it shook her body

just a bit


imagine a whole dark rumpus of a horizon

the hailstones... ( she huddled under her hood...)

two on a cliff

( no not Hardy's rather good Two on a Tower, thats victorian fantasy)

At an empty atch ( in tan)

And suddenly

literally over her head

from above, direct hit!

just once only all night...

actually the word of an angry goddess

is rit large...

a real big motherfucker 


me looking into her eyes...

 just above her head.. lighting up the lands all behind

Where, ten minutes after she left

Only for five minutes

her full one appeared...

It began

" i so respect you for leaving your old 2005 reg motor so fabulously ...filthy... you alone care about the environmeny" 

It ended

" if you were the top rankin babe on Pornhub that wouldnt interest me for a second.... all that interests me is the few rare...  ery very rare... great examples to  one day Be example  to my lost lass of how to Be...  and if she ever called up said ' dad got the usual  shopping basket of multiple wonkynesses and issues  that your cunt generation gave us all... ' ... well i would say to her 

for sure... ive met a woman... bit of a councillor to Be...  i dont even need the seedy bit of her life story...  i can tell... her formula.. purpose, thinking... way of Be ing.... worked... 

maybe i can get you to Be her first victim guinnae pig...  but theres one deal.... only... keep a record audio or even vid... this one does have the answer.. and don't just think of all our personal 'traumas' or upthebumming...

you can moan and wail

all so trendily becomming

...   this one will have things worth sharing...  others,one day may benefit from keep a record 

every word... she may say....  i know will Be important


 never mind the FACT... almost all modern wonkiness comes from monolithitis*... and she alone is.. IT "

* = .. see earlier video or audio wafflitis = military industrial complex, plus the  advertising paradigm beginning uda 40s... plus all horrid UK invented dark arts of PR ,  plus ALL 
modern meedia especially John Gray and  Sam Harris waffling sp self regardingly, plus all nutjob ' spirituality' - for cash,  it must only ever Be for free, plus  selfobsessive Eckhart and fatty  scotch man, Mcgilchrist, plus all 'workshops' - she the loved said lost fat fools  sick mad compulsion all the pretense The Beatles ( my mothers artschool mate chief talentless hooker- to, probably why she, Cyn,  never told her to leave a man who hits..hard and nasty...cos Mr Lennon  her ex, good at that  sad little over theline  behaviour.. )  and ptetense, Liverpool is a nice place ..   ALL that is in Affluenza - THE superb bible on it all, basic simple how to Be "human"... especially  that if "human" one cannot farm out old folk issues,  and care and youngster guidance and care .. for the wonky lad fown the,  THE STATE..its not viable.... fiscally or otherwise... carehome managers dont care about anuthing except their biscuit tin and guaranteed pension.....and getting on 4chan to lie about how they warped... 50 years by [ my newword 14 years ago]..
all together:  The Monolith

because my fake pretend new ' age' of nice Observer ( newspaper)  chic.. 
Observer chic

Only pretended...  were such geniuses...her image, she queen of thefake carers . " for the English to see" ... Monolith named from
her expensive fancy breed cat, 


This woman... IS ..the answer to all of it. All that so so boring, Mon..

The cure ( there are some!)

And even if shetoo was a ghost sent by the shaman voodooz of Gwerk

 to temp.. ..

Odysseus in rags

Wow... 9 hrs sleep...  waking utterly newman...

But it occurred thistermorn: shit... that actual real Zeusbolt.... 

They always look closer than they are...

didnt go into her fine head as it looked from my angle... 

but exaxtly in that direction,maybe 10 km yonder... 

Is a heap of rotting wood on a Gwerkian quay...

No that would Be mean....!@! anyway..i cannot Be bought...  i only fancy... my own age, and own lined face  ... life lived, look.... even if i know many dont manage to find the quay... to actually letting go and Be ing, happy"

Thats a point! homos of the Baftas.

.... if you actually MEET the first of the actual .. newly evolved towering fine mind women...  no bullshit no people pleasing

pure equal

as predicted just in the opening scene of 2001 wss genius, but ... Barbie,  sorry.... .  made me laugh

the right kind of laughter

just shows how homo sour hasbeen.. deathcult-Oppenheimer  

they all

Be came..

for that.. Mon