Wednesday 7 February 2024

Define ' Mermaids' of Hay-on-wye, Presteigne, Falmouth, and ALL the SW

 they are the whole SW.. Penzance Gweek Foulmouth ... the less successful thieves of their kind, inland in the cheap seats of Redruth etc...

But its far far more interesting in The Marches, Hay-on-wye, Presteigne, Bishop's Castle, Clun... as with a little more space there and less sophisticated locals to rip off ( Pastyland used to the first wave 30+ years ago, they CHOSE to sell out to)... their little empires ( of 250 quid a weekend festival tickets) .. so targeted at richer faux hippie incomers the majority in The Marches from 2007ish... London only 3 hrs away....   could thrive even more unchecked .. but i know they would if they could be, just as all encompassing here 

but my "Serbs bbq babies  dont they? .".. joke.. thrse are the real baby barbequers.. 

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its in the can.

Your neighbours dear Serb

why i cannot ever even want a cup of coffee with an English woman under about 60.... ( or their many year male victims....even if they dont even know themselves, either side,  who damaged they cannot communicate any more...

... that especially litter the SW)

Mine old region  too for  far too long,  and i did their legal cases, teticently, far ratger helping real women left maybe who stayed in their Worcester suburbs... being real ... but as a " human"... art of relating to others..the real version sonetimes did local cases....only for their benefit. 

For mine benefit, and to live,  i schismd autumm 2022.. from them... 

out of frying pan.... into such a smouldering dead heap of  silent ashes down here hahh hahh..i didnt know !


audio in substack also easier to listen  one or two  clicks only subs necessary

The Child bbqing Mermaids of Hay-on-Wye, The Marches, and all the SW

( note... this ...unplanned as always, it mentions Deborah Moggach.... i forgot to say why. Dead  Mark our friend,  worked for her and husband Mark Williams,  so called ' journalist',  as odd job man..  they came and set themselves up in Presteigne  as caring central [ fake] community members...

i wrote to Mark Williams, and Deborah in 2014  on Mark's behalf when their worker had his fatal cancer diagnosis asking could they be aware of the facts ( he too distraghut to speak of any if this) , and maybe if we ever needed,  possibly even get him a newspaper article as last resort... to persuade  gently  ... others... he may see his children before he died... a nice letter

i will put it here one day. these dreadful fake goodies in fact ( as predicted by me ..but we were desperate for some last resort leverage)  turned it around  immediately into a " you cannot say that... he [ me] must be a  baddie..."  when in fact the letter was neutral and clearly kindly and very professional

people like them come in, pretend to want to be part of  community but when their full time only  houseboy has a life  ending little problem... dont even want to know about it.. deflect. For the English [not to] see...

and some pages from the lethal.. shaman diary

will be here later

and this adds to some if this begun yesterday

and i lnow of no better defimition of " MORAL"... than what none of their tribes peoples shamans and so so perfect women of that large " community".. could not


just so easy to help those 2 boys see dad before he ..died...  nope

too busy divining some more complex  newwords  to hide their inability to even divine or alchemise, even  basest morality