Tuesday 6 February 2024


 as those stories  are not only in " himan" but so drole and dull and too unenjoyable to remember the point

( others are the opposite) 

" simon.... please... we must get the kids back or maybe find some compromise.. meetvthem half way... so Emma can meet them too... its Emma's stress most dangerous .. they all know Emma,  so surely someone will help her   .  she  wants to at least see once the half siblings of our 

baby in her belly...  i fear she may lose it shes so upset....  none if them will help us...." 

" well lets see if i can gently remind them all of the  clearest cut....'morality'  ... bliss goodness and welfull flowery   nessiness ..they all preach  at their ' community' gatherations ...at  voluntary ...donations from  10 quid a show and above ..