Saturday 17 February 2024



( the problem with the  'resistence' awful blokes like Katie Halp or whatever err's called.. and her buddy Alex B they use the wrong strategy.. truth always works) 

Dirk Bogarde, greatest actor of his generation, and simply  superb writer,too .   ... doing homo good, is above  any need to ... 

in fact i think what   the tyrany of all tiis is  is simply rather sad madochism... martyrisation, to nothing...

they are in love with the


of thinking  those a bit befote them were ' oppressed' 

real grief-pain jt js well  known one can  al.ost become in love with but grief only happens after real loss

so basically it.. this sensetive little media studies graduate cant get a real job except  moaning on 4 chan  thing 

is real

its imaginary martyrness ... 

and imagination is a very powerful force

that may Be... well i know the cure.

her pub

Plus...  well you need allies to really roll out  uncomfy truths... that ruffle their poor  tarred feathers 

for their own good... as if you stop tjinking about the " mrssage" you do actually start to enjoy the book

i dont even have to Oggle.. 20 years or more since i last read an Amstead..

 but i still remember ..Michael Tulliver.. the made up name of a real imagined... gayishbook hero 

and i never much liked anything gay even  45 years ago lovely Gjna's ultra horny  and most eye eye  eyei'n up her lass's lads, lezzie mum... 

but i know she was a great part of real life  to understand and accept as fully " human"..

how quickly they will all be forgotten...

once a fix is figured