Saturday 17 February 2024

i dont lie

 after the fact, lookup, of remembering a great character in great writing.

double l


ok got the o wrong

no ones perfect 

ooohhhh and.... great many  multi milliom sales as well... a perfect book and series gets... fake  4chan hype

( torirs should employ me ... all my witterings are totally me 100% never heard elsewhere..  cos i care

this swamp isnt the one my daughter drowns in...

and Kier.. hes gonna do it god firbid. ... only option, nuke... l

my price, a chopper recce of both sets of mountains...  with an


truly  extraordinary


[ beating the Jack Straw man at his own game, no gags though,  and watch her fabulous  nose .. one mark on it i quit ]

" bird" in a sac, 

 in the boot..,)