Tuesday 6 February 2024

' divine coincidence'

 .. i dont chronicle them

Did.. yesrs ago, but no need. Its great to know there is something.. but its not our job to ever know ...what,  why

... or how much the conjob is harming,  the sad fools who say they do,  and what TIME they waste figuring it or how to make money from it..or if McGilchrist even believes his trendy statements on the '"divine",  or even worse " sacred" cos he never says anything with teeth...just the same old weasel words been around since words were invented..

Anyway audios... time to go all the way into the magic... of the taboos... the truths that are taboo

yesteraft last cliff walk here

but i smiled

( real simple today just note to myself, nickin water from the churchtap predawn...

holy water, todays daylight

just for my own notes on the pilgremages ongoing

buy it slipped my mind ..

until evening as i photo his silly stick

But this is 'serious' there is no hope... the roving men ...there... here maybe even more

who  though often expensively dressed, so not only on  nutjob benefits..are totally off with the fairies


really blessem.... except i inderstand thy really are dangerous..  ( and do not exist in European towns) 

yooled up..weaponised  ( huff and puff as if duelling dragons they really do think are in charge)

... i never noyice them i am wily ad even noticing them gets noticed

and one has me cornered ... .. for all the very expensive clothing looking like some swashbuckled up    Adam Ant..

of course just a parasite, at yown hall doors: " have you got a spare pinch for my next joint.." 

" ... i just wish you hadnt said thst if you had just asked for a pinch for your business.... i am your fellow human and of course...." 

Anyeay going tbrough thevlonely man with problems ritual of " ohh yes heres my coffee pot...and this bottle, ' holy water'...  " as o am filming his absurd showoff ex Londoner .. likely junkman... pretending to be a green man...  because its compulsory, if not,  like me, and you just dress normally jeans n jumper ....

you will be thought to Be no one lost just fell of the train at the end of the county lines.. 

but i smiled " that doesnt usually happen..i havent heard the words holy water for years  except from my own lips...tiday... i know i have a memory... thanks girls... dont know what your help is for, though... you never seem to help with the one thing i wish i could Be helped...to... but even the one said she would, bloody usual narcissistic liar i guess... 

at least   you looney lasses uostairs know i havent done that for many years... even hint i will do what i don't or can't" 

right...to work.. the real thing nowsoon