Tuesday 27 February 2024

Eureka, even if i reek of fabulous bodily belly bugs

 Why EU?

Never mind who am I...

And i can certainly beat her

 " i come from a place that no longer exists " 

( obviously.. thats a  loving or just affinity, immo ..  legpull/ cheekiness, I am not English, and thus i dont think in terms of beating ANYone.  and am more assylum seeker or in fact world record on a smelly  ALL watercorses trashed island i never WAS of...  )

I love Maggies-  real ones, if stranded here,  as now,  this couple of helpmeets meander around their territory from dawn, so so chilled out ... so happy and relaxed, sometimes foraging in tandem, sometimes they perch solo at a distance, but never so far from each other they arent entirely allied and on the same side.. likely trying to bumfeather fuck each other with false accusations just for fun.." i'm going to set the 'authorities' on you"... it works they never scrap..i watch them for hours...

Anyway, ( " god here comes another English walker couple....  thsnkfully rare before midmorn...  talk about loving the sound if their own plummy voices... one gender gets in her ratio  of at least 2:1...  i never hear anything worth hearing though.... even if i realised of late just how London the whole region really is; in past counties, wild West Horrorfordshire, bigot sexist dinosaur, East Powyshire- me stranded 25 horrid years,  in respect of the locals, there was an unwritten rule, the fair few richish  incommers especially from 17ish years ago, a first wave began  ...they shut up  ... no this [ there i mean] was a large region where the incommers did not feel ownership as the born n breds were a bit boozy thuggish... obviously unpleasant and sour,  and certainly dinosaurs,  and thus the incommer walkers or meanderers there would be fairly demure.. not put their real arrogant once-Southerner or Londoner persona into the mix.... here, even if you have been told by a wonderful wise old artistic couple .. a truth teller.. and superb artist, even used as official mentor to Foulmouth bimbo arts degree students

 " all Pastyland art is crap .. except Beryl Reed but she just retired here so isnt really OF the place".. try telling that nicely, helpfully.. to some seemingly demure ex London 60 something art trail follower,  who owns some of this county and she will arrogantly explode rather amusingly into pimping ' her' region.. her here-region.... as she knows her type - expensively South Molton st clad. ... accesorised with simple not gauche muddy walking boots ... have owned and dominated this their  playground   for decades... 

so she tries to fiercely argue

" he... expert says that..not me i am merely a scribe but i dont talk vrap or suck up charminhly as truth is udeful...may save your time too i value just as mine"

her husband eyes wide open my my she doesnt like the truth..  

past region they feared just a bit for their lives or at least unnecessary SUV tyres [ all living lowland near roads]...slashed,  if they dare impose just a smidgin of city arrogance...   so they kept fairly shut up.... not here!! its funny... nope...now  i know why she is so...hmm i dont know how to put it...never will i guess....  )

she aint one of these. thats what i do know

Thats the point! i dont think she realises they own the whole place.... their horrid lost arrogance is this place...in the cities its fine it is embodied there... is how to Be


for centuries.

...here..its so pathetically at odds...so they are so unhappy

no zen at all

they embody angst


where they have no idea why they may, or what is worth scavemging

I dont judge, but fact is all ex real Londoners, thats their habitat, " what can i scavenge, to make shit art like Damien or truly shit lit;  like Barnes Amis McKewan... oh ... please.. how to give me insomnia,  Zadie Smith..." vomit ...


Sadly i havent died.

So who the hell woz here??

in a bit

plus, ALL the way

Plus Grayling, Rushbridger, the dreadful Bronwen... 

even Zoe ( i printed out her Prospect article from 2018 at my own expense, IN COLOUR..
.. cost me a fortune in colour inc cartridges... as the colour mattered, and bicycled around 100s of  my,  not palagarised like Claudine Gay, copies .. as i had permission from queen Zoe to spread it far and wide BY HAND..real paper...one by one putting them in the hands of even the very fat local Tory fascist HQ pub landlordess as she had mentioned to me a few weeks earlier she waddling my Hertock hill that to my surprise she was a very remainer...)

None clarified " WHY!!?? EU"...not one. 

Kairos time, so so simply,  its obvious...


hindsight is useless, but beautiful proof it worked.. well....  no one in my book has come up with one so good, yet...