Monday 5 February 2024

Even their music burned at the steak

 of the phone so dumb it cannot even play all the  music 

In that

cliff walking ( interview with a " gee wizz.. i saw your oldie silver  grey flowing hair a km away .... blowin in the wind ..... do you know just how sexy it is!! ... ..!??" 

she does a gig and headbangs it around as if a happy pony tale that didnt get chopped off for my only valentine ever.. see post a week ago the  'valentine' waffle..  

" say that again mister!!!! :-) :-) "  

" only if you do that  lool again Missus.... for my camera." ...)

( i got it now, really...  i realised what they do NOT ever say

essay another day)

But sometimes Sunday afternoon ( 1500-1700pm) i put on my 40 quid sony rebuilt headphones, and even if i fixed them so they work BETTER than before.....  clamped against my balding bonce far more effectively than the original hipster fool design  .. no sound can escape

And using the FM RADIO... function

sounds of 70s...

On comes another of the greats,  our  alcie Elkie... 

( more i think and expetience folk,  the true mind fucking poison that really does also subdue  real creativity... the get up,  and liminal flow type... we need ) 

..Your stupid little genocidal  screen,  that kills all human connection

well, it sure got caught with its pants down  so starkly.. me happily Heathclifging the cliffs after such a wonderful encounter... 

Because you cannot hear if you click on that link, the actual song Elkie sung... 

Be ing there is SO so much more to her

or anyone

in good old fashioned analogue its a totally different full song that fills you up 

that the digital version   strips out  so it can 

fit in your stupid pocket  and in their cheap cheap cut back signal and masts

3/4 of the song is thrown away  and slimmed down to nothing, to bring  it to you via these venemous slimming devices 

meanwhile back on my far too full life of nothing happens, i keep encountering "birds" who didnt tear up the blueprint, to spite .. what? whom? .. the simple blueprint, laying out as we  have known  from at least 1975ish,  about how to Be a real " human," 

this shouldnt Be 

I need only oblivion and