Monday 5 February 2024

don't assume!

 The ' blueprint ' is cross sexual.. meaning both the same, when it comes to Be ing " human" and in fact far more chronicled via male encounters in my early  fullest chronicling years from  2010ish... as my  brstie for many was a teetotal Chret ... 

And even he didnt seem to be able to recall the blueprint, that when you after some years ask someone  to Be your ' witness' ( too complex a notion for most these days.. simple version, Be the one who may orally  face to face, pass on the true version of you.. to ones descendent,  if  some wonky one from Gwerk perhaps,  comes and beats you to death one night with a bucket before you even manage to naturally kick it, yourself,  off the cliff) .

.. asking someone to Be him.. to pass it on, 5 years ago....

or asking  someone to help, with her... it taking perhaps a few " humans" to arange a ( figure of speach, over a drink) kidnapping.. of her to a ' safer' space. 

is a true "human" blueprint honour...  i am sure even rapist Vikings knew about..... 

its trusting them, to Be true help  ... and i know there are few you can..

I even got a new one 6 weeks ago

 " in the new year, well figure a way to ... help ..see what we can do...  "alchemise" up some little  snare for her fragile ankle.. "

But... its 

As if she never said it, in writing it seems..

( great new example of the fatal illness of ' people pleasing' and i thought she at least   was healthy )

But thats a true chronicle. Not knowing no more,  a straightforward blueprint: that we only ask  folk  we value,  a bit assist... as i did last autumn,   as i did  5 or ish years back of the manChret... 3 ish years back the suposed "ally"  whos lasses i had riding for free...winterthen... .and who i would tell every shameful word of my stories to, as we walked the hills with her'n.. . .. is a bloody "human" honour 

None seems ever to know any more..

Excellent Orwellian discoveration of an only one dimensional mental case of a nation

I know for sure...