Monday 12 February 2024



or rather just talk reality...

Wsh to try and put an umpopular opinion over: "... ehh those big choppers flying around the East of Pastylandshire,  in all likelihood train  lovely Israeli turkeyshooters...  or Houthi hounders... which may not be in longterm best interest" 

Or a less contentious one for the dodgy dilettantes who cannot join dots: bombs need to be used  so the arms brokers of comfortable South East and other places where nice arms brokers spend the weekend on their boats, stay in business

or far easier perhaps going to an appointment at the citizens advice, or even  court

" ehh Mister Gove's new no fault eviction law  [ more correctly put,  slowing gentrification policy as tarting up homes for higher rent   or sale price IS uk..] seems to be a bit vague and we are still getting booted they say theres a way they can.."

sticking up fir basic oersonal rights in the face if turbo capitalist arms race to financialise everything ...especially the home ( even Singapore ever did).. the pills at the doctor, everything a commodity they will forever game

if you turn up at  local gatherings of ' political' or green or any kind of  simplest ever necessary ' demos'.. calling out greed and dodgy gaming

if you arrive as two, or are even KNOWN as a fairly functional couple, rather than the assumed conspiracy theorist loose cannon, up half the night on drugs  or on  medication, if you are solo....

you are treated differently. Your opinions are listened to and sometimes acted on...  or at least you are respected yo some extent...

You are less likely to be evicted when the next wave if gentrification comes along as couples are known to.. fight and have bolstering such that they are more successgul on their standing up for themselves.. a back to lean against ...when the fighting gets tiring or just tiresome..

thats how it


no matter what the relationship curators or romantic or 'desire' service industry may serve up..

pt 1... if i ever get a day at a socket to  clear film off camera, full.. part 2 later