Monday 12 February 2024



( and as always though, simple ... tips and not quite " stories" ...which is far far a secondary need, to the need for two as a unit standing up even for the smallest principle... never mind saving all the time as a solo operator always must be spent on proving, neither a drug loon, loon  or malfeasant in some way or other...having failed and having given up even thinking  possible writing collaborators - them with them, not me... i give up... 22 feb )

to explain


 to finish.. tomorrow

In short 10 years of increasing mermaiditis... 

the real reason for keeping it simple.. and also getting so ergonomic logistical streamlined, ultra efficient... is just the endless wasting of... time.. which means moneytoo of course..

even the wonderful woman who told me the truth of how the ashram visitors,  every other one in Gwerk thinks are their best friends -  their new spiritual friends there...for life... ehhh... the whole thing is about sucking up for maybe money

And its so much easier patronosing the sweetsmile yurt cleaner at the ashram than...  doing something  very very tough such as mentoring a young Brit who shows some   promise, and one day may Be that next more authentic and honest county councilor who just may save the rivers in decades to come.. 

Because he is a real person,   not acting for the rich visitors on spiritual journey ...usually on dad's money,  and will be full of all sorts of glass shards between his onion skin layers ... that so delicately need working out, and then working out.. which has risk. And theres no money in it.... 


big fat newstyle audio soon

Explaining the worst youtube channel in the world. Quite likely subscribed to in droves merely as a lesson in just that... 
That is finished.