Wednesday 21 February 2024

 At her photocoppier...

Beyond the blushing, stage ( d?)

" so ... market research... being you ' lost' my number....  I still trust only you to ask a question about the workplace....  

" so then... clear your mind.... take your time... comeback to me later if you need to

ponder.... " 

To be cont

But the bloody thing is it is so so much easier... had she said " no" 
Mind you it does  kick all the " in times like these "  McHilchrists into touch. Mass meediaing something that frankly is as clickbait novicock addiction,as if  Socrates  had a hemlock habit

. and really does, if proof
Be positive... 
...speak for a balanced soul.... from reading a balanced basket, of real books .  ... her Steinbeck, on...

Right two days behind scedule!  bastard BBC had as usual overforecasted belam rains.... as if they reign ( ho iis a not first mothertonguey expected to  keep track of all these  poeticals??)
 in all posterity the kingdom of cant 'n'innanity