Wednesday 21 February 2024

well she said


...its a good point.

And her wonderful eyes lit up too... perhaps it wsn't just the gale blowing into them 

Something only occurred to me today,  a last day landloping, rather too much as Ralph Schism....He was her creation for one year...

And on the eve of  world ' I am scared of my own truth, so cannot share the real version,  so i will block you instead' day,

In fact this daytoo now has  a special real world environment dayname: " serbians are much kinder to the planet, as they dont 'perform' 'dog', like 90% of brits nowadays. Especially in Pastylandshir.  They put  the cookery program  on instead, for recipes.. " world environment day.

As... she twinkly eyes smiled when i announced my, today

..... cliffwalk  ...insight... on the environment... and maybe at ladt a hood way if messaging something so so ... ( ' offputting' ) to me

So, a secondary,   lesser insight, never mind Seal Sanctuaries... is this totally 100% watercourse polluted region, a sanctuary.... for lesbians too ?

I do notice many.... all " heres the Waitrose bag of yummies for the week and i cosily ensconced by the crashin waves.."  or havjbg a nice romantic cliffwalk...

...... especially at the sharp end bit...  but clearly Gwerk Heights and Hell- stoned... are very very ( incommer = extremely expensive casual looking... but  Guardian  supermodel style hairdo )  lezzie... 

Is that another thing, along with the sea...  that truly does lead to a wasteland of any actual creativity...?

hmmm... right most productive day, ever, of wandering  being Ralph...

Going to take a year to upload and sort, just today.

But.. soon

Nice to have ended it speaking with such a lovely...  and i know she did ' get' it.... 

I hope she doesnt,   also.... do the endless gobby melodrama theyre all addicted to, by phone... even, here, too....

except my broken not bulletproof...heart