Saturday 3 February 2024

How to pick up "bird"s. Even from Gweek. The 'moral' way, too. No "MANifesting" required. Money back guarantee.


loads to add,  i forget whats in this, to add tags 'n titles too, but i know errata worked. I give up forever.

until i edit better tomorrow dawn

( tags ehhh... the really important one is:  to bolster someone  beloved, i should have stood my ground, thats what " daddy" does...

 the last 7 or 8 months have only proved to  me that NONE of these birds down here have the ability to know that to playfully use the word " bird" in her- i assume true to life,  harbourside meeting is alowed... they would mark it down as not quite as they are...with their  birdbrains

unable to know a word may be used for effect in a subtly playful way and have several hidden intents, all nice... not my crow's agressive,  so you fuckin say that again and i will have you arrested .... so smilingly.. so i guess that should be tagged, ' poor bird; London.. and lonely atomisation  and unestermed fear of letying go, so long, made her too proud to listen to good advice,  even after specifically asking for my opinion - some may use the nastier word "arrogant" '  , second tag: 'you only challenge to Be better,  those you value and cherish above all'.)

nobody is perfect....

(but #1 the mam of five was...  total real truth teller... what a purest oldschool " human" her at her sheets...  no hope though, wrong class, and Kate o'Tempest would have it shes to be pitied when its the Mermaid Gweek 'n Foulmouth ones  to be pitied as  [ oh i giess i have to say 'our' my 'class' even if i have none] kids not as oldschool,  brought up to speak truthtoo as hern'...   truth hurts..lies damage ... theme parks have an exit fee,  so expensive, money cannot buy... )

" gee i really hope it doesnt blow up... i aint wastin' another five quid on a repeat reuse recycle .." 

provisional title, but really it should have cluckbait truth ' fake and fraudulent daddy figure Jordan Peterson too stupid to help you by telling you this'  or somesuch other acurate  clickbait search optometryeyesation

How to pick up  "bird"s. Even from Gweek. The 'moral' way, too. No "MANifesting" required. Money back guarantee. 

audio on youtube 

same audio, only

But this really really does need to be woven  into  hashtags, retitled sections, and... interviews. Lots... about the reality... especially back in her region... 

As at least half the many mums i have  shared the above with, tell me the real truth... and all problems have at least one step,  beginning of a fix..  this one duel purpose! they don't stab back... ever, thus far

My job is done.

Stories only now.....

not mine
but it makes mine eyes  wet at the corners, such a beautiful one. And what it means. Buy their perfect books!

( and whilst everyone else went two faced dilettante  scaredy cat, in other words Southen cynic, i have the last  6 weeks had many new serious but enjoyable chats with the few saneish ones... all women of a certain age: grown up... who for intelligent reasons speaktoo of so much buggerated beyond
 hope, and every single one agrees " only sending out good stories in good  books  ...  and we need a Thomasina Payne! ... only good writing can save us now" ...the  beautiful pic is sending off stories into the world, as a good thing...only tjing that can save us from ravaging trolly beasts .... and you CANNOT know where they will land, and if they will Be an enjoyable titbit, neigh lifesaving fulsome meal, or   even an ecolii riddled 
 lethal last one,  to the consumer... just tell
 it, all...set if free... and see)

But ... ( the pic) i earned it and have the moral right, to uncopyright, because even today i still have been  pimpin' to The Blusher,  at her place of prescribin' em; even if that was dual purpose ( she knows i won, because i did not even ask); even to the Justifiably moody one,  at her'n too...

(despite the rudest London lass 

But i saw, and heard, her hesitation.
What people do not say, or identify, as part of them, is far far more interesting ......
than the " one 12 year old" they do....
The other who does not exist, i saw...later.
Gosh the weird assumptions by these truly awful Londoners even in nice lovely quiet places. At the end...

But i ' get' it... so so many very very ragged, drawn,  drug addled.. likely violentish blokes yes they all fear men,  not my fault they are too stupid and addicted to their own fantasy,  to move  ( away)

But when someone ' born and bred' of the book, cannot even tell a simplest truth. You know you knew all along, the smile was fake- as will her book

no theres no hope
And i Just thought hers may be.