Saturday 3 February 2024

I "changed my mind" i really did think and say 

( interview one day..


to the wonderful woman i met New years day her and i walking the cliffs 

" you did a fine thing battlin'  the NTSEES..... to get their rights, to live... and reintroducing them,   you the queen of, these new lives

 even if interbred a tad,  so fight fight fight  fight on for your  immo blood!!

gey huffy for the chuffies

the meanie nazis wont thus far 

countenance, price of everything value of nowt

is their mind

all immos are good, but especially their blood!

keeps the brood fully BODILY  fit and 


.. but truth,  first time i was close to some on a hillock...i did think ' hmmm i can see why you may have gone a bit nearly extinct   waddlin around like that;  and a rather silly song.. reminds me of the dodo.'...  gosh you walk fast youre great and wonderfully skinny......  from FIGHTING your cause so well as its the fightin

keeps you thin!.."

But, bathrime dawn today ... see them flyin' free ...

place of no people, pokin cameras atem

gettin'  sexy

i've changed my mind

no other Londoner-on-Stepford-Sound could do... what i  first think, will only


( isnt actually the definition of 'thinking')

PLUS obvious how not to iron shirts, and other  super duperest simple livin' tips.. i am loyal : 

NOTHING here ( since feb 22 2023

the day she 

 dot dot dot

 makes sense nor is anything like as beautiful as one daybit will Be..

without zillions of often quite good photos woven in... but they take so much more with-sicket concentrstion time...

And as i found the only sane old bird yest who can even follow "human" requestings " please acknowledge even with just one word [ as her setting meto and even calling meto ' spam' which made me laugh a real laugh] ... she was told who are the 'narcissistic loudmouths..'... so i cannot, yet...get to work, i don't want...  making this all, popularly looking nice..twas only ever just for one.... 

no capital J thats for sure[ today]... and she was going to be given 5 k of free books... long ago i thought"