Thursday 15 February 2024

I mean only twice in 10 years

 December 2022.. i think, i never check my records and chronicles..i dont need to.

" My my proof you arent s narcissist like all the rest  of the  butterfly farm of scatteted no brains left just airy dreams..... you remembered another 'human' me

had told you i was getting the the dentist this morn ...i am in shock!  [ i did register also on their list ' my fiancee   .. she will be if you can give her  some of youtoo she says she needs'   ... a year on they still havent called me.... and they promised : ' probably only a month to wait for her turn for free NHS.. registration '...i have the record..]" 

even if it was by text

face to face " geee you remembered...i told you that  my only pleasure movie site last week as  EEE blocking, voda i kindof really am in shock....and you are checking if last ever sim talk talk and i never even asked you ...  will it make a difference if i write with my fountain pen a real letter to your boss telling her best if dozens i have ever dealt with?!" 

i believed her look..

Meanwhile back in the real world  that was just a faerie tale ( hahh hahh at last Rima the crowdfunding schemer,  cannot take the TRUTH either.. )

Solomon it is said

the wisest man  ever 


shagging 18 year olds on his death bed

what a fool

given the only two "humans" met for years n years...

who recall the words of


Even if the sultry twenty six year old

smiley too

" and i only consume a gig a month at most researching porn for writing purposes..or understanding society... i would tell women i knew .. the first newmerm of 2020 forex.. friend... 2 young kids.. ... hmm i wouldnt if i were you.... you were there as a young woman naive... just sybarite.. but to emmo fully forever..... go to . .. its quite shocking.... really sick especially if on the porbhub version run from Ameley Herefordshire Merm city..  . it realy is 99% stick it up the bum...  like they have some weird infantile bumhole thing ....only a bum makes em cum

.. . a grown up knows up the bum

is frankly 

no fun..  

and right womenhating dodgy into the bargain...

 ferk this sim's  one of themtoo 

if  at a tenner a month

i can relax with vumoo



one ohhh... 

no you dont 

.... only women my age group silly solomon too italian porn a child to know

'relating' is what even deepest .. real erotic sexy working, longterm,  desire ..... with an equal mature grown up 

ones own age 

group at least

and i could never....

to you 

to me as floppy as Iti porn...

but one day... as the only other fine woman i have heard, with my own ears, can remember a coherent ongoing dialog in communication....with another person....  quit the horror movies ... you are too good for that... if there are any left you will make some other "human" a very specialest 'human' ..