Thursday 15 February 2024

' nomad'

 ... ( at least she didn't use that themepark  brandword)

though of course could only perform " my friends have a problem with a kid post seperation" when the person who invented post seperatiom peace lore, me...

actually sweated blood to bring it to  real " community" ... hers too good to actually listen yo hard work, trying to save half a trillion... for her "community" cos thats the cost per decade of... not communally helping each other with REAL things... not selling  fancy flowers even if by cheap donation... nope that would Be real " relating"

And could have maybe helped them over a cup of tea, too... nope the 100%  effete  SW dwellers always have a reason... why not. Always...

On the road

On the nomads

( no pause button, driving, but i never use pause button anyway i trust, neigh Be lieve.. i changed a bit for the better after she 'licensed' me..  and in 100 lines if one is good, on tango.. well thats ok writing for the day... i can have fun now!)

But i needed to understand i guess

XXX add in LOADS  of pictures of performative nomad stickers

and pretending

and pumped up children once of Lonfon or ... ( the Bristol ppsse never stopped the drugs long enough to get an MOT out of there, or had daddys cash to get ripped off for their latest one ..performing Van Hobo... .as it looks good in Gwerk... )

(  see the one other,   actual nomad.. a man i shall never Be.. his van i avoid... his cucuit similar to mine...  maybe he

sixty five

looks seventy

he roams 

parks and just sits in his cab all day, alone... staring

with nothing in his eyes

so totally alone... it shocks even me)

But there is a sting in this tail

She is 26.. nobody born in this country REALLY... gets my heart pumping with knowing ....

thoughtbub "shit.. she listened...and is human... just like they saudade used to...Be... and here in the arsehole of inhumanity!!"

To bubble, her only one left? " shit i have just had shivers down my spine little sweet lethal hard as nails nosemongered .. Beth... you remembered that!!?? ... and in fact cared about my query and....are seeing now if it can be fixed...  .love we already dealt with all humanity nowadays just l tangoin'  cannibal zombies and no hearts left to eat, they emptied that larder years ago... but you.... you, here !!!"