Thursday 8 February 2024

 just in case the only other reader i may 

 .... hmmm

...  thats a point ok i can define in simple terms...

a real woman Nonny microagresses you with a manipulative narcissistic PERSONAL  comment  in line one of the great timeless... duel ...  loudly too 

even if lying about my particular skin

An actual, buys you expensive fishnchips aside her shitfilled creek  last June .. ( ok i eas absolutely on starvation rations so i can be bought, sometimes)  so she has bought you attention to " i will just manifest a dentist" despite being paid for by the government  quite substantially to do in her words essential therapeutic work on its true  hradfucked  whos mamnas didnt watch Deerhunter and tell them to grow  the fuck up and get a real job imstead of playing toy soldiers headbutting some little landmine to a near death experience takibg long hard real WORK to retain your dentist even a Bristol "community" has recently managed    ... nope in Mermaidtown-on -sea 

they have the ' art of ..'all sorts of thiings ...  like new words that nean you never have to do the hard real damgerous thing politics or real ' relating' which ...

i know nothing

except why her teeth " much better than you suggested.."  if they do begin the inevitable 55 year old crumblin, soon... 

well you have to Be even less you ... just to pay the  ' manifestation' bill that usnt ...imaginary 

Merms...ive only known far too many as they were the gatekeepers to   the cash may just  protect your lowland loch, too...  'soft power' of sharp elbowing  the  ' sustainability ' grant money, their way..... ive yet to see Be actually used for anything sustainable for real...  the real version .. such as  paid company for  so many blokes so hate their lomely being sustainable life ...and picking up to recycke or reuse their rottemn wood .. rebuilding rotten gates ( the reuse bit  takes weeks and weeks  so.etimes dawn to dusk to do properly... often requuring new weatherproofcshelters  made  to place oover piles of reusable part used wood) 

They never actually had me fooled... the first wave of ultras hit Hay 17 years ago.  .  i learned my lesson then   

merms also by DEFAULT make snide ( often concerning private medical mental health info they zenlike manifest into theirvknowing reality....mine not so i had a test after theclastvloon 100% sane... and anyone can see my records...nothing on them decades 

anyway they always ( for about 15 years) have a 'second sight' of some personal matter, it would take a sane  real person maybe a year to mergolate upon...   no they know by about .inute number 4 of a new chat  some personal characteristic thats not quite that nice  or  a  fault  and they just aore naking rhese personal comments... do smugly....  the opposite of a Nonny's blatant scurrilous lie that ruined my  true zen of a day,  knowing no point ever pondering any love,  ever again, me far too whizzened and  lost it...  and yuck skin

did she mean it?... no not her ...her 

 " so..if a hurricane blew all of that which is  ' you'  there ...away.... would you even Be bothered..?." 

" no"

 lifes too short if you ask me to think that  my Nonny is wrong and tjose around never mind being "human" may change... you gotta head out for the open seas to find.. 

( not utopia, best place ive ever been,  in last plaxe in world i knew it would be impossible to  far far far happier a place .. than tjese only cnical lands.. 

 wikipedia wouldnt ket bit onto the info  page ' poorest country in South America' ..   less is more ...especialy a vaccine against all the horrid.... cynics.. ..this land only can Be. )