Thursday 8 February 2024

thing about ...

 ... " sime... i live in a very very 'deprived' region.. .. " you keep telling people this, in Neath... even the smartest best internet web designer by far,  as he  didnt have to be told early 2010 #1 always  of 5 mil hits on ' social services' that  took  some hard clever work from his  kitchen whether on nutjob ' benefit' or not...

( if i remember just one thing, but a real man forgets the irrelevent ...  march 14 2010 if not Miss Taken.... at Laytons... [ Groundhog Hog ]  woman  set her dogs loose... [ there was no hedgehog so 'hedge to loose...'] ... " Sime... christ... she found me onFakebook.. why me we?  only met briefly.... shes written some really insulting mad offensive likely unlawful things about you...." 

"layton... you rather intelligently riffed a year or so ago that the internet has become 

".. '.. feminine..ised' ... ehhhmmm   well i think little girly place really.... and a grown up  doesnt even look at   sad inbox whitterings  obviously intended to cause real people harm,   from some  poor lamb... and dont bother saving them for ' evidence' either...  i'm only interested in someone who may DO something useful she said she would...not use it to femininely hide and try and exert PR  control... over nothing nothing.. cos only real life  of what you do, is real. all other forms of control, Miss named..." 

the end