Sunday 4 February 2024

 i just dont trust this rewriting of history

The economist compared the proportions of books published by men and women since the 1970s. At that time, women writers published three times fewer books than their male counterparts. A trend that has been largely reversed over the past five decades. By 2020, more books were published by women than by men.

that became a default gut reaction moan

the  'reader' or 'buyer' or 'borrower' of eng lang books is ONE ' class' be they clad in  beloved  old but well cared for 30+ years,  holy jumpers,  or  Mrs Rockerfella...or De Beauvoir... or Ms Arendt

the toughtful folk of  uk ( even Wales, who . fair dinkum i doubt let any babe be published,  ergo.. Estelle, i tried!) usa,   nearish anglicised  continent...

george elliot

Mary shelly

Austens all ten of them in their factory

and some Brontes



massive  betseller  Wendy Perriam

and add in the De Beauvoirs of whom there were 5 or more especially the Frog  randy superstars

Frog babes churning out really good super sexy  saucy realwomen-lit for 150 years..

I would bet my blogs its far closer to 50:50... overall reads over 200 years...  generously 40/60 perraps.. 

fair dinkum ....divide  longer  life expectancy ( i amamazed one hasnt been on womans hour moaning about that, too)   

say  9 mths out of action per podding... maybe 5 an average lifetime...  last 20 years

so i think even 40:60 is  in fact 'equality', amortised or even arbritraged or 'controlled' for  time off, on your back, doing more useful stuff...

And ALL of Georgies books are super serious new fabulous serious new universes even her  Felix brownish man one... first i believe  so she shoukd be given 2 for one  ref her sakes figures...when all of Amis, Barnes and much of Mckewan are frankly copycatting the same sick private schoolby bad or wet dreams...  so they should 

be  amortised into irrelevence


Mrs Wolf delib not on the list , and of course, Mrs Potter for gods sake!  should not Be forgit..and many others

chuck yourself in a river,  when every day is a bonkers impossible, new one 

history should be rewritten exclude you.

rather like so so much of the fact seems to have.. Be een.... 

 in this supposed bastion of honest enlightened thought

Mrs Oxford, INVITED.. the mad bad dangerous to know one, to my last gaf ( house if Serbish)  for his whole last summer in the UK  lingerin around Eywood....for her.... 

hospitality and

14 year old daughter too

and she knew exactly what his rep was.. 

as did Mr O

And Mr O's many stewards,and managers and male slaves 

And its well known gentry few hundred years ago did walk and talk with,  and even listen to,  their slaves...

i think we can tell who was actually boss of THAT..  manor, kitchen, and coal cellar ...  

And as his rep  was rather ruined more than hers the randy thing...  surely history privides...whotoo, was the more 'opressed'  or ....

the end