Sunday 4 February 2024

the vanloper however

 .. i didnt have to even say shut up and

"  listen" as preface ( even if there are more polite strategies of " overwhelming"  them ....[in quote words  are those generally  used  verbally against me -  hate the sin not the sinner spesh if shes the only one you love..and know what is the definition of love :despite 'you'; well, those those bits of 'you'  learned on online:  how to be an aware modern woman workshops,  called other peoples posts..   NOT your own original real warrior  woman thinking...... even more dangerous than the real world workshops she said theyre all nutjobs attending]... such as rattling off many book titles all i have read until the end except 100 years of solitude and Master and Margharita .. the ones the rest preach as biblical.. to own the well earned' space' and some respect ..i earned) 

vanbabe  immediately  got it before i even got half way through the sentence

" i aint stupid... and only fools flog,  or ride dead nags... despite dear Lucy being top of the killing pops..... and now we have a junior Myra.. and babe violence .. not against, but started by, on the Penzance High st lasterweek ...i saw is a very very real mob mentaly real thing.... i think its fair to say that  from

The Don.. Nigel..  not-so-thin-blue-line... Wayne 

no 4chan The Mail, or even Talkradio presenter or even Fajebopk reposter,  will EVER listen to a man... for years maybe decaded ....   so only women have the floor now accept the fact of tve fact i did about 4 years ago even before delightful Wayne... and if society is to be fixed even an itzy bit only womens voices  matter... absolute fact... so, ive been training....  them...   but also aint stupid, they have to KNOW  ..i am right  ... or they wont listen, reuse, recycle...  so ive been doin the work, SO they get the glory... 

And define woman:  Hint Ms Serb..its as  innate   and immutable as

 [ ref Heather Heyling many talks last few years,   but as a parent many years you know for yourself.. as i did 30 years ago! Katrina [ one 'a' no typos on mine,  and, two  you] ...cleared that one up ! ]   the trendy for  whoring workshop cash,  made up word,  'feminine';  they wont even remember who to say " thanks, mate" to..never mind remember quay to Be ing human.. so expect not even a cup off coffee in return...

And a top Cret just heard

 i know her creed 

better than her...

Kairos...   time

i have yet to be beaten in..

 a tango

a REAL one where i often spin 

in front of them

all the way

round and round..

a tango

to the death, 

or new life...

with partly

REAL.. women