Thursday 15 February 2024


( later).. i only identify any staging post... last post...pop in to see the great white hope, but no more

.... its no fun even speaking as true allies with a gorgeous goddess...alone

will be assumed up chatting... 

or pondering slapping yet another sensetive  arty 9tourist buying yet another waste of laper

only identify... when i have left

more to do on this

Cunt tried to steal from me on valentines night me a rare treat sat by the harbour...

as they ALLways do.... steal
thieves. That ' ethical' shop

My pat lines for years " 13+ years single parent..[.i know you are sexist old bag who never met a man equally as 'domesticated' zuch that .. ].... i know the exact prices of all grub for 50 km radius... "

I also notice how the last 5 ish years 30% +  of the time... when buying markdowns, my staple diet

" ahhhwwww bless...funny how that '  computer error'  ..i aleays notice, e en tjough i am male........ never ever works in our  favour.. always over charges never under.... thanks for my...  89p simple maths you dont need to take half an hour.... back...."

even nicely, you just get a scowl

But guess what THIEFcounty - Pastyshire, so so much higher than the  Horrorfordshire average.... ...espesh  a certain nice people town COOP.. its here 75% of the time ... they make a ' mistake' ... 

2 or 3 times an hour... maybe 5... he gets a 50% pay rise... great! 
splendid ruse.... dont get caught now....

but not by  stealing from me thank ... ive had enough

ive had enough ( of these too)


If one were to ponder a great realcouples song
the greatest words ever sung
even if by the fucked up annorexic who never read Affluenza... cos it was essentially about her

nevertheless tgere are no wiser lines

" lets take a lifetime to say..i knew you well....."
etc.. every perfect nonPaulo Non mermworkshopped word if that song...
real... wise
simple English..
and frankly Eckhart should be burned at the steak with it playing full volume in his.... big...
....oops RULES!!! 
never even slightly.... joke at someones immutable big, ears...

as the only wise ART OF RELATING ...textbook i ever knew

far better than Dogy Bach's ' soulmates' stuff...even if helpmeet he described so well in Bridge Across...

Thing is.... this word
if i had a lifetime with a non first languager

or even most first languagers...

( not gonna happen ever....  just...i know it cannot Be now ... 8 months among these vapidest... Vapidderites.
Biblical in their   Vapidderatious sickness of painted on smiles and  the  Extreme  - NA warn of as truly as bad as hiv or hepatitis riddled smack for the consumer and anyone caught in their needle splatter. -   extremest version of people pleasing.!! ....  that killed my last foreign fiancee.... the real bugs ..that do...)

in short  English " bird" even from Celtenham ladies: years to educate on the nuance  and grown up meaning of many words...

foreign... i woukd take a lifetime but would only manage hal, English the real not shit tv hard

She could never know what a  Primo Levian / Byronic ( in a GOOD sense.... ) Mandelaish...

total and utter perfect compliment

 that word is, i rit  - ' license' 

It aint a piece of paper..

Within the meaning is ' life' soecific only to p e course of events, it is her every gesture even ... spitting and then saying " happy christmas"
it is is

 " you are just

in triplicate

it is all the bible
 " i am an angry and vengeful  god so watch it" in one word

all of her life, whether fake " warrior" or wanna Be... or maybe just mere manherder....
.... in fact is in it...

in the most complimentary ever all of Dante in  this one small word.... ' licensed' 

indeed it is THE Mona Lisa ( no! not Munch's Scream)  in one squiggle of my pen...

But thats... not in any dictionary... you have to Be with 
one person who can guide in the real language of...


or even better an allegory
Samson got his hair back!  
wrenched it from her  faithless Delilah
as she ... 

well a year ago...

While he slept, the faithless Delilah brought in a Philistine who cut Samson's hair, draining his strength. The Philistines took him prisoner, gouged out his eyes, and forced him to work as a draft animal, turning a mill in a Gaza prison.

But in the real better version... this.... he tongue tied her before her death sentence,  in fact wrapped his long flowing new locks around her stabby text finger and....
he rit what needed rittinn' ..
And it was a draw
 cos her Gwerk henchman couldnt get his arm into my chariot and her eyes ... couldnt even look herself in the mirror as she drove off... never to....

But licensed should be a two way  
Be ing licensed is better than 72 virgins 

the jihaddis get when they 

According to these traditions, Muslim men that die waging jihad against the enemies of Islam will be rewarded by Allah in heaven (jannah) as martyrs (shuhada) and receive seventy-two virgins to enjoy in blissful ecstasy.

i believe was a Miss Translation of ' raisins' 
one scholarly appraisal i heard dounding pukka

sky faerirs adide, it is fact the meaning of


to Be 
to live it

finished i guess

to bee continued

" i made many hours of filmic study last summer... i dwelled on every smiley beardy hipster  grin upstairs ther ... on the posters and on the promo...
smiles so lovingly so-big  and would think he had scored his  uber hipster  superpowerdope or organic drug mushrooms from the children's playpark... at Gwerk... as i saw timeandagain....

real art would somehow Be to show
they failed
every wasted stupid tom tom beat
badge and bandana 
burn em
eat em

every mound of PR smug self satisfied crap like this

join all their failed dots

and cry
laughing only at
( who? ??)



never mind stinginess



and the buzzy ones spin only microplastic into Gwerk 50 quid a sniff
organic honey