Thursday 15 February 2024

Or may Be its cos i summoned the word gods

( " Z...i know she won't have.... i just know...popped by to ask not that its my Biz.... i met this simply most convincing best ever feminine mind on the cliffs above the fucked up seas.... [ have to 

restrain myself in order

to NOT even slightly nudge this desk.... the so so crap 3 year old Dell femenine holes and sticky inbits so badly made theyve worn out all ready....

dont disconnect trying to double back up data awaiting phone chuck it in her river...    imagine pic of phone plugged into laptoop...MY desk fuck off you should know by now i sit here and...if she blushes now and again i can feel the heat of her in my back...even from here]

"but i know it will be all 'femenine' holey...and she will have forgotten ... superbest ever dynamic truth talkin 27 year old mong - theyre the best, 1 + 1 = 3

"...half Germ and half YUK.... a senior marine biologist based at Plymouth... her love lives here....

" she told me ...we stood on the cliffs in the howling gale that separated truth from reality.... 

" we discussed 'tall,  her back upright

"'tall...  and told me as if   [ cant think of a line for now except chaos and turmoil prevails  - borrowed ... very very few are..] ... the last 100000 years of mumbo jumbo inhuman vainly cantin inanity had... been wiped clean.... ' yes its all the chemical crap they put on themselves... ruined the fishes and ... i dont tell tales only fact not pantyphantasy.....

we find the trails of it all throughout marine biology' ....

"I told her of you ... 'the only one i can say it all to, smiles even at jokes about her being world record dolly "bird" queen of the chem trails around her neck.' and you alone she should seek out.... and figure together ....on King Kong, his cheque book...REAL art about reality.....  of what they did to the fish in the sea... and she promised she...would")

May Be it even has magic powers without needing to be 'alchemised' into something it could never 


pure and



Because it occurred...
as if by magicals
i do like unfinshed odysseys,
 and being a stoppist is so controlly-dull.

May Be... 
the odyssey didnt start 

(XXX handcuff pic, and unhandcuffy footstampt 20 years from that curious December 2023)

or even 20 years from  some other date around that time
May Be... after all i do know 100% for sure one can speak out
stick up for oneself or all the dead fishes
 two tangoing together even if its a fuckin ice dance
with razor sharpest blades
I really did love her
"lookin' for a woman whos never been born here she is in the LAST place one may ever assume 
my birthday 20 years ago at Hay-on-Wye,  upcycled  into Clifford, a million quid an acre
Merm central 
2 grand a nouveau yurt central...

maybe thats when the odyssey started...i had never thought... it does make sense....  why it doesnt FEEL bodily like its finshed yet...! hmmm i am bored Be cont"

And then as if goodthings once you have summoned her sublime word
Come in
impossible small packages 
i was going to say 'threes'

But 'impossible' is far nicer a word

(NEVER London on sea, snotteratti cafe... when global warming means they wont be able to clean every cup under steam fear of bugs [their mums inculcated] .... " i have Be en busy writing to someone ... rather distracted
.i forgot my coffee ... could you give it a zap ith your steamer there please... my fault only!" you get.." a snottier cool arty chick  version of " no you'll give the steamer bugs.." what the steam is for... zappin em... no hope, beyond 'snowflake' just fuckin snide, one and all..)

Harrassingly entering personal space bubble
bodily infringing bug rules
making personal comments " my my your head is as big as mine  i dont ofye find one that fits hhahh hahhh ...its perfect

may even Be able to go back to Gwerk... in disguise... theyll know a 100 quidder  price of everything, value of nothing, and welcome with openest armz"

" i need to meet you i can figure a way of STEALING it..its so perfect....."

And a real artist TOO..... and real anthrapologist  (After The Ice, Methen... best i have read....)