Tuesday 27 February 2024

lazy me, i mean what i say,

 ..some months ago, ' all units of measurement in Serbia proper grown up  modern cms...'*

200kph more accurate infact

 with menchild spoilers half of them..and thats just the kerb crawllers of Gwerk 

i never feel safe here its so London on drugs... seriously, and the way they come to even nice atch Rinsey and go broom broom top of their silly small penises and big fat rings of souped up exhausts... its like one entered a computer game of how to reach highest levels of  infantalisation .. never happens back in the cold North

Any woman stays anywhere round here clearly never met a grown up or lived anywhere a bit normal and bit grown up

* self interest being i must practice the lingo assiduously preparing for joining in the summer, so as to escape

 realACTUALwarriorSerbianwomennotpetsofPasty Mermaidsneedahelpmeet.com

what happened these last two weeks to get me so behind?  feels like they disappeared into a Gazan  friendly " community" link tunnel, oh yes a week on a bad poem called ' not a poem/ valentine' .. blahh blahh... 

' licensed"

failed of course

and while we are at it

yes daughter old wives tales are true,women do live a lot longer than  so so lucky men!  so have it so bad ... at least we  are spared  what nowadays what  is only,  past 50,  moaning... olympic moaning... about whats rong with their bodies...  moan moan moan.. their 

"currency" [ 32 year ild Rinseyatch woman liked that word]  outbidding each other for cleverest illness labels or pills...   and the men have caught up too... other old wives tale women swarm around old baldies like flies to a Palestinian ambulance knowing both drivers will be fly food soon, on the way with official whiteflag  clearence to Hind... i would far rather be a bloody Red Indian dont care if half or more  choose to be drunks....  

i am not aware of any Red Indian  baldies... so that old wives tale certainly is a false accusation, too...

loadsa vid bad hair HOWTO HEAL

for free even in 40.. errata 70kph wind... from the North