Tuesday 27 February 2024


 it came back...

( i dont lie " thats uncanny...i was literally just thinking about you widow  Pau**..." " i gotta run to the mutt, [ lies]" .. 10 min later ... "   look you are Northerner and we both as we established have reached that lovely old bag stage of life...no more bullshit   no more Be ing where you do t really Be long......you dont want to stay here in your  happy ish brighteyed widowhood in London-on- sea...    at least go West its at least Oxford-on-sea there... [ Brookes] . not drug addicts in spotts cars going by the duckpond at 100mph ....i fear for her and think of youtoo sometimes..hoping houre not out on the roads afyer dark...deathwish iff you are...and you alone shocked me with your e traodrinary lifeforce...just 10 days into your big one...  2 1/2 years to go...they say, its true  "

where was i, 


2 weeks ago...at her printer

the chat we had! 

i still have to turn that into a bad poem, as its unbelieveable if it were rit as fact. .

but it was.

 ".. that rude book whats it called..?" 

As i rit, 2 weeks ago, sex up being green... i can beat  Sabine... shes performing, this one, mine liked one, wasnt...  i know when one of em's actin'...