Monday 5 February 2024


" memory" 

The question of late. Twice..  

I have no jdea why mine became to razorwire sharp.. 

( and as even the dreadful Josh the only journo who wrote a piece against my ....

 oops errata... us cooling off aside the fridges of coop,   me already exploded with overheating and i saw shetoo.. a bit .. with desire and good fortune: she talks to me now!!

. ...but then

... i didnt know a true desirable "warrior" woman, then... " Francine i found a great word lacuna! [ she probably would have got liminal wrong too as all the truly awful fakebook queeens i noticed started to on-trend utterly rewrite that word theytoo found,  a decade ago [ ditto dreadful pious 4chan speakers .. all othersex,  discovered ittoo to make them look good ' i am a bit liminal'...  " a bit later.. Fakebook did so much dumbing them all down..sadly ...for mine one  and only valued mind does she even know?]   

'Clayton lacuna' to quote the only great mind on the family,  Mister Belfast Junk..  

managed a program on ' false memory'

Anyway ehh... memory

A real gift if you have none that ever in any way are even slightly painful or "traumatic" ... as all can be moved on from

And mine, non falsie, razorblade sharp ... 

If there is one only  suggested mindbody fimormula.. ( other than loads of uv,  good sleep,  food.. movement .. too) 

they... the workshopperatti.. stole  and rebranded for their charlatan Fakebook brand one concept more than any other, that of

 ' letting go'

And as the blueprint of  ( indivisible) mindbody  ( she a genius on so all other  charlot ate  up the sins, irrelevent) is  not what the lazy creeps  of Hay  Gwerk  and all around in their  unawake wake  who have been brainwashed to say ' we are all unique and lovely  different ones' which gives them the petfect excuse for stayin up all night boozin and druggin  and bitchin' and stayin in bed til lunchtime snoring self pity,  and  never  doing the real hard work, of  pondering real utilitarian change  that affects most, as most are quite to the same blueprint

letting go the real version ... which does mean sticking your head up into the ( proper definition)   of liminal space where you can die if your slow graceful  unpanicked breathing is not careful ..

and where there are many overlords revving around Hell Stoned in so flash noisy cars its daft... just looking to smash yours to a dead hedgehog in the middle of Cormak's  The Road ( actually worse than a horror film  neither of is ever saw, Dear ascerbic one .).... letting go  must involve risk...

 and i am the very last adrenalin junky in the world ...been there done that age about 23...  though the stories are good

There is a kind of ' risk' that no bungee jump can replicate, nor driving through Gwerk st 2100.. high on mushrooms at 150 kmh ...   could replicate.

and  is far far harder to formulate into easy words,  and day in and out,  endure...


But i suspect that alone is the real quay to  truly fab persisting memory

( to Be cont.. as at least theres no vudu involved or dodgy syncredent .. or imagining that Eckhart can save your soul... love is doin risky stuff, too.. in fact maybe thats all it is. .if you really feel it the real it....

so yes thats an easy essay.... oh yes, my last 14 years maybe 75% of.. in that mode... no fun but real mental case  history,  memory skills, development...... must condense into a few pages having met a fabulous Vix may just benefit from it...  )