Monday 5 February 2024

The look on my face

 .. bout a decade ago


Mister Stock's  big signage


" you too  underclass plebs in our lovely ' community' of Hay-on-Wye [ even if suburb by the main road called Clyro] can afford an "ffordable rabbit hutch ... at £265 grand ..[ gets him planning permission con permission] .. and dont you be thinking i am one of those nasty Lonfon creeps who rape and pillage the housing  Stock for prophet... next to Francines in Clifford .. because i have a Glastonbury nice man slightly hippy hat.... nor would i ever use my Mister  unimpeachable,  Her, position in the ' community,'  to  ehhhh get a step up "

 the end  all one ever needed to see...

But great opera  could be made just featuring his hat...shame no Ivrys left who truly ' let go' and hit the actual 'liminal' place  to add in as the soundtrack.

define Aunty See mite

soon.. ( The Vix shetoo saw.

none around JC, the real thing's, camp)