Wednesday 14 February 2024

Mister Stop



Or an hour before in fact, so the half light wont terrify her ...even though 

parked up close

 to the arcade entry

" was waiting at the library

" still landloafing around

" [ your ' your mind i saw inside thrills me its so alive and ' ...we cancontinue using it only on your lifestory, so thrills and  makes me feel alive... and you dont moan !!. espesh as we need to get it down for the 25 year old.. doesnt know the first thing about her only mum... and maybe its the bridge she will walk over, her wishing to be a writer too, will hook, ensnare,  and kidnap her... first time in 17 years just to say Hi ...face to face... to her one mum]"

" I will loaf around another hour..."

radio silence, 

another few hours

" was on my way, but ... i felt i had to go to the

 ' health centre' .. then yoga... instead..."

A stoppacious new level of i understand no one

nor what they actually want or need

Having spent 2 days head into "surely she


for healthy mindbody mix, even if bod just fine

And we even have " so absurdly magically angels-on-side,  timely to meet you, me just on day 1 of get the thing down... and i need help with the English..." "  lassie, the story is so real and surely it will lure her in..your lost lassie... and your mindbody will follow.. in tandem, lured back  into true centredness and peace .. no more hurt... jihaad !!.. . a just war for both your souls... the nice way... and even better health than the glowing version you have


may Be tomorrow its called the Black Swan... "

" now ....i  had to go to  the ' health centre' ..instead"

" ohhh well another time, i am passing through" 

i lied

even if a whitey.