Saturday 3 February 2024

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kairos (= all of Ecclesiastes 3 in one word as good as) 

is also when you have at last met one person WORTHY of your efforts...

so share

 if for no one else 

(all else for more than a year rit, for the only one really worthy,

 and worth a fig

even if...i have no idea why...  )

the information

with someone who does believe it may be of use

Even if both of us a little long in the tooth to care what ...may help the next gen

But they havent found it on their smartphones thats for sure

Never mind that only a piece of paper gives us peace

of mind

if any have one left.

and mine digital world is SUCH a mess as every second here is merely an act of tragic holding on by a mouldy thread 

a long deserted spiders web

as all the flies died of polluted water

to one lost "bird" 

not netted

the only one i ever met was, free...

But being i resent every second at the keyboard or even video clipping the self

its such a jumble of not even proof read posts before i press on


but i know one thing for sure

every word

is real

one day others may be able to read it too

if i ever settle down to one reliable socket

(Even that main one yesterday .. the madness the mad men making their DWP phone calls ... entitled to it all forever and no care about anyone who has to listen to their angry entitlement... even in the  library 12 degrees outside would not have killed him...already dead of course... despite inheritance .. no humanity here anywhere.... and the one i did tell she was the only polite and helpful  natural store style shopkeeper in the whole fetid swamp... sees

me later by utter happenstance .. way uptown and likely thinks im on her tail!.. )

to Be

but be continued


because at least i met one who looks you in the eye and you know



And all we ever had was the word

(many interviews  over many a year, to link soon)