Saturday 3 February 2024

THE 'information'

And to be proven 'wrong' is the greatest of all humanities.

I cannot recall to whom, yesterday:

" Awful Somersetshire the first playground of thems effetes - on the way here last June i had to Noze into their tragic theme park ( a less charlatinate vudu saleswoman who does a little shamanic energy weaving on the side stands NO hope against their industrial high production values, extreme con,  Charlottaine operation - i had to see],  Glastonbury - worse than even I imagined,  Devonshire the same load of playground nonsense, and Pastylandshire, too... none of any interest to me whatsoever..... none 'rural' in that in real rural lands - fringe lands aside, getting by on not too much and few accessing the 'money from off'  - Monsanto or G4s pensions, pretending they are Barbara Good, reborn all sweet and good having bought the last remaining local hobo rental to gentrify... 

" But far fewer people per s1q km ...or in fact one though in terms of 1000 s1q km...  it was a a fair few km to a fairly good garage for fixin if there is one left  where the owner actually came to work and had a brain cell left not frazzled by n porn all one needed to know who was good! .. who to trust, what services could be RELIED on - the real info...

" But as of 5 or 10 years ago seemingly never again could one rely on anything said by anyone...

" that was when the rural lands died as that info was simply the difference between viable, and not...

" and the definition of sad arrogance, or just inhumanity, it would a pleasure, pride, real being "human" to  take the time to tell the stories to arrivals even from London which are the best schools and why.....  with proof: see my lass well ... she as they all say is a fine mind, let me tell you how it came about... because there are many duff little bigot schools, and many stuck in the ice age... this is what i know, over 15 years tolerating these lands of Miss oh Jenny and  no racism as they wouldnt let any darker hue folk within 100km.. so...

" But there came a time when having told stories, shown proofs... these incomer mothers even would no longer ever listen..... as my last friend discovered, 2021... to very good info...  her having to move her kids aside ... having not listened to me....finding out the hard way my info was ...good... earned knowledge...

" so... you cannot get good info from anyone any more, and the snotterati who came... wouldnt listen to the good info you had to give... "

But i am no cynic...having been given some info " that is a lovely quiet library if you head NW.."

Of course i discover the opposite...

As i wish now only to close off all tabs open for a year ...

tidy all of her  away...

As i know there is no one else down here ever worth even chatting with...
No point
All the 5 million of ex Londoners of the SW, made it their playground for decades... (who made the 'locals' butterfly of brain, too, as only the locals will clean their loo.. or build it as my old 'friend' number one parasite...) 

Cannot not stop and Be
..and speak fulsomely

One simple "human" to another..

yeah i get it i wandered one town yesterday the tourist retirement brochures (and Mermaids i chat with) 2will say nice arty town vibrant cultural scene there was a ferfkin nasty bloodbath riot between opposing gangs of college kids as i wandered down arty farty street... 30 of them... no joke....vicious

BUt i didnt even mind walking between the one group of bigmen going into the pub screaming actual planned death, threats for their opposing gang of local girlies... who were screaming back even more baby bbqing worse fates for their enemies..

she even spoke the 'm' word, 'muse.'..

thoughtbubble (what happened later at the bubble shop is even better  - i shall rit later): " at last a British born one too... [ errata yes i met only one sane one in many years, even if she refuses to accept her own Serbish superpowersanity] ... it is impossible shetoo exists... never mind we had that long mulling and musing upon life.. the REAL version, at last...!"

Who put me in such a brave new world good mood

fuckit heres the one you live in..

(as the lovely mum of 5 lamented later on in the laundrette... " my kids are all complaining all the time these horrid drugs these horrid Londoners brought in... are ruining...errata ruined everything... there is no hope... theyre all feral now one cannot even talk with them... " contrary of course

 to what the Mermaids

 of Stepford-on-Sea 

this whole sad county

cannot even see

as it may not quite fit in with what they

online display "for the English  [London mates moved on from perraps*]

to see" ) 

* i can spell but decades play with words

Perraps is from Virginie French best pal years ago, a teacher

"seemon... let me see what it says in our Harrrrraps..." her huge fat dictionary as we tried to find common language and understanding

She cared about immensely...its hard hard work

as is trying to discern if any Pastylandshireite ever ever ever knows the words they just said so as to mean them...

BUt i know for a fact the information is ...she... will.

" an you write an email....well you CAN write then..." 

I shall remember for rest of life as the most wonderful way of.. helping folk..